Hong Kong’s box office increased by 19% to $97.22m (HK$753.97m) in the first half of 2012, compared to $81.65m (HK$633.19m) in the first half of last year.

A total of 140 films were released during this period, including 117 US and other foreign films and 23 Chinese films. The top-grossing film was The Avengers, with a whopping $12.45m, followed by Men In Black 3 ($5.69m) and Chinese New Year release Journey 2: Mysterious Island ($4.54m).

However four Hong Kong films managed to rank in the top ten, including Pang Ho Cheung’s Love In The Buff  and Ann Hui’s A Simple Life which ranked fourth and fifth with $3.61m and $3.58m respectively.

Both were critically acclaimed films with themes and characters that reflect the experiences of Hong Kong people, rather than big-budget costume dramas aimed at the mainland market, which Hong Kong audiences tend to shy away from.  

Also ranking in the top ten were Dante Lam’s globe-trotting action picture The Viral Factor, which grossed $2.86m for seventh position, and Chinese New Year comedy I Love Hong Kong 2012, which took $2.47m for tenth place.

Hong Kong Top Ten Box Office (Jan 1 – June 30)

Title (Release date) US$ (HK$)

1.The Avengers (26/04/2012) $12.45m (HK$96.58m)

2.Men In Black 3 (24/05/2012) $5.69m (HK$44.11m)

3.Journey 2: Mysterious Island (19/01/2012) $4.54m (HK$35.22m)

4.Love In The Buff (29/03/2012) $3.61m (HK$27.97m)

5.A Simple Life (09/03/2012) $3.58m (HK$27.78m)

6.Prometheus (07/06/2012) $3.40m (HK$26.34m)

7.Viral Factor (21/01/2012) $2.86m (HK$22.21m)

8.The Hunger Games (22/03/2012) $2.63m (HK$20.39m)

9.Battleship (12/04/2012) $2.49m (HK$19.32m)

10.I Love Hong Kong 2012 (20/01/2012) $2.47m (HK$19.13m)

Source: Motion Picture Industry Association (MPIA)