(Magic Head Film Production) Budget: US$2m.Backers: Universe Entertainment. Int'l sales: Universe Films Distribution.Genre: Thriller. Synopsis: A photography student becomes obsessed with the ideaof taking pictures at the moment of death. She attracts the attention of apsychotic killer who finds her unusual behaviour interesting. Exec prod: DaneilLam. Prods: Oxide Pang, Danny Pang. Dir: Oxide Pang. Cast: Rosanne Wong, RaceWong (2R). Shooting in Thailand from June 2004.
Contact: Koris Ha, Universe Films Distribution Co (852) 2437 2601

(Universe Entertainment) Budget:US$5m. Backers: Universe Entertainment. Int'l sales: Universe FilmsDistribution. Genre: Action drama. Synopsis: The mysteries surrounding anill-fated policeman, a successful lawyer and a killer could help solve a seriesof murders that appear to be without motive. Exec prod: Daneil Lam. Prod: BennyChan. Dir: Benny Chan. Scr: Ivy Ho. Cast: Ekin Cheng, Aaron Kwok, Daniel Wu, LeeSin-je, Shu Qi. Shooting in Hong Kong from July 2004. Release date: December2004.
Contact: Koris Ha, Universe Films Distribution Co (852) 2437 2601

(Media Asia) Budget: US$8m. Backers: Media Asia Group. Int'l sales: Media AsiaDistribution. Genre: Action drama. Synopsis: From a popular Japanese mangacomes this live action blockbuster about a delivery boy who metamorphoses intoa racing champion. Dirs: Andrew Lau, Alan Mak. Cast: Jay Chou, Edison Chen,Shawn Yue, Anthony Wong, Anne Suzuki. Shooting from the end of May 2004 inJapan.
Contact: Jeffrey Chan, Media Asia Distribution (852) 2314 4288

(Emperor Motion Pictures) Budget: US$2m. Backers: Emperor Motion Picture Group.Int'l sales: Emperor Motion Picture Group. Genre: Comedy/fantasy. Synopsis:Moon is a 15-year-old girl suffering from dyslexia. She regards herself asstupid and has low self-esteem. Since she has problems associating words withmeanings, she does not do well at school. One day, she suddenly hears voicesthat no one else hears - conversations between bugs and plants! Since then herlife has never been the same. Exec prod: Albert Yeung. Prod: Albert Lee. Dir:Lo Chi-leung, Chen Bolin. Cast: Isabella Leong. Shooting in Hong Kong frommid-June 2004. Release date: Early December 2004.
Contact: Raymond Liu, Emperor Motion Picture Group (852) 2969 7810

(I-Animation Ltd) Co-prods: Yuk LongMultimedia, Mandarin Films. Budget: US$2.3m. Backers: Yuk Long Multimedia,Mandarin Films, I-Animation. Int'l sales: Mandarin Films Distribution. Genre:Animation. Synopsis: Animated feature film (2D and 3D) based on theaction-packed comic book "Magic Weapons". Exec prods: Tony Wong,Raymond Wong, Man Kung. Prod: Tony Wong. Dir: Tony Ching Siu-tung. Scr: TonyWong. In production in Hong Kong and China from June 2004 until January 2005.Release date: April or summer 2005.
Contact: Virginia Leung, Mandarin Films Distribution (852) 2579 1718

(Film Unlimited Production) Budget: US$2.8m.Backers: Universe Entertainment. Int'l sales: Universe Films Distribution.Genre: Romantic comedy. Synopsis: Two lonely professionals - a veterinarian anda jewelry designer - meet in a remote village and their lives are foreverchanged. Exec prod: Daneil Lam. Prod: Henry Fong. Dir: Derek Yee. Cast: MiriamYeung, Daniel Wu. Shooting in Hong Kong from August 2004.
Contact: Koris Ha, Universe Films Distribution Co (852) 2437 2601


(Panorama Entertainment, People'sProductions) Budget: US$3m. Backers: Panorama Entertainment. Int'l sales:Panorama Entertainment. Genre: Thriller. Synopsis: A young female reporterattempts to uncover the mystery behind her boyfriend's death. Exec prod: AllanFung. Prods: Gordon Chan, Fruit Chan. Co-prod: Jimmy Law. Dir: Gordon Chan. Scr:Gordon Chan, Rico Chung Kai-cheong. DoP: Nelson Yu Lik-wai. Cast: Lee Sin-je,Anthony Wong, Tony Leung Ka-fai, Edison Chen, Eric Kwok. Shooting in Hong Kongfrom May 2004. Release date: September 2004.
Contact: Gigi Ko, Panorama Entertainment (852) 2366 9633

(Media Asia) Co-prods: Huayi Brothers (China),China Film Group (China). Budget: US$5m. Backers: Media Asia Group, Focus Films, Huayi Brothers & Taihe FilmInvestment Co (China). Genre: Action drama. Synopsis: A Bonnie-and-Clyde couplebecome the guardian angels of a country bumpkin when faced off with a gang ofcon artists on a train. Dir: Feng Xiaogang. Cast: Andy Lau, Ge You, Rene Liu,Wang Baoqiang, Li Bingbing. Shooting in China from mid-April. Release date:Christmas 2004.
Contact: Jeffrey Chan, Media Asia Distribution (852) 2314 4288

(Magic Head Film Production) Budget: US$2.3m.Backers: Universe Entertainment. Int'l sales: Universe Films Distribution.Genre: Action drama. Synopsis: Twin brothers learn some harsh lessonsaboutlove and life after exchanging their identities. Exec prod: DaneilLam. Prods: Oxide Pang, Danny Pang. Dir: Danny Pang. Cast: Ekin Cheng, CharleneChoi. Shooting in Thailand and Hong Kong from May 3, 2004.
Contact: Koris Ha, Universe Films Distribution Co (852) 2437 2601

(Filmko Entertainment) Budget:US$2m. Backers: Filmko Entertainment. Int'l sales: Filmko Films Distribution.Genre: Comedy. Synopsis: Six losers make a suicide pact but are so disorganisedthey fail to keep the appointment. Exec prod: Lawrence Cheng. Dir: Barbara WongChun-chun. Scr: Barbara Wong Chun-chun, Lawrence Cheng, Tang Kit Ming. DoP:Cheung Man Po. Ed: Maurice Li. Prod des: Raymond Kwok. Cost des: Lee Pik Kwan.Music: Ronald Ng. Cast: Ekin Cheng, George Lam, Andy Hui, Hacken Lee, ShaunTam, Chapman To. Shooting in Hong Kong from April to June 2004. Release date:September 2004.
Contact: Katherine Lee, Filmko Films Distribution (852) 2379 9999

(Milkyway Image) Backers: Media AsiaGroup. Int'l sales: Media Asia Distribution. Genre: Action romance. Synopsis: Agentleman robber and a cat burglar try to outwit each other only to find theirold flame rekindled. Exec prod: John Chong. Prod: Johnnie To. Dir: Johnnie To.Cast: Andy Lau, Sammi Cheng. Release date: TBC.
Contact: Jeffrey Chan, Media Asia Distribution (852) 2314 4288


(Filmko Entertainment) Backers:Filmko Entertainment. Int'l sales: Filmko Films Distribution. Genre: Drama.Synopsis: Butterfly had always thought that she is living the happiest lifepossible. But nothing is what it seems. It all begins on the day when she metYip at the supermarket. Dir: Yan Yan Mak. Scr: Yan Yan Mak (based on the shortstory by Chen Xue). DoP: Charlie Lam. Ed: Eric Lau. Prod des: Second Chan. Costdes: Carmen Cheng. Cast: Josie Ho, Tian Yuan, Eric Kot.
Contact: Katherine Lee, Filmko Films Distribution (852) 2379 9999

(Mandarin Films) Budget: HK$5.8m. Backers: Mandarin Films. Int'l sales:Mandarin Films Distribution. Genre: Black comedy. Synopsis: Raymond, a seniorexecutive, gets fired in the morning and decides to cross the harbour to takeup a new job - a simple task which traps him in the most unexpected chaos andhazards. Exec prods: Raymond Wong, Peter Chan. Prod: Anita Wong. Dir: SimonLoui. Scr: Simon Loui, Kevin Lee, Chan Tai-li. DoP: Daniel Chan. Ed: Poon Hung.Art dir: Nelson Cheung, Or Wai-kong. Music: Law Kin. Cast: Jordan Chan, ChapmanTo. Release date: June 2004.
Contact: Virginia Leung, Mandarin Films Distribution (852) 2579 1718

(China Film Group) Co-prods: Emerging Pictures (US). Backers: Chinachem (HongKong). Synopsis: Set in 1948, the story of two sisters - Fei and Ying - boundtogether by the will of their late father, a legendary fireworks maker, andtheir shared love for a charismatic ex-wrestler, Huang. Exec prod: Lisa Lu.Prods: Ira Deutchman, Ann Hu. Co-prod: Cheng Zheng. Dir: Ann Hu. Scr: BethSchacter, Michael Eldridge. DoP: Scott Kevan. Cast: Zhou Xun, Wang Zhi Wen,Vivian Wu, Lisa Lu.
Contact: Emerging Pictures (1) 212 245 6767

(Kenbiroli Films) Co-prod: Ground Glass Images (Singapore). Budget: US$1m.Backers: JCE Movies, Singapore Film Commission. Int'l sales: Arclight Films.Genre: Dramatic comedy. Synopsis: A single mother, who runs a Hainan chickenrice restaurant, arranges to take in a female French exchange student when shenotices that her youngest son is not showing any interest in girls. Prod: RosaLi. Co-prods: Juan Foo, Duncan Jepson. Dir: Kenneth Bi. Scr: Kenneth Bi. Cast:Sylvia Chang, Martin Yan, Maggie Q.
Contact: Arclight Films (61) 2 9955 8825

(People's Productions) Budget: US$2.8m. Backers: Universe Entertainment. Int'lsales: Universe Films Distribution. Genre: Action comedy. Synopsis: Two policeinspectors come into contact with a charming but dangerous woman when they'reassigned to chase after money lost in an undercover operation. Exec prod:Daneil Lam. Prod: Chan Hing-ka. Dir: Dante Lam. Scr: Chan Kin Chung. DoP: WongWing Heng. Prod des: Water Wong. Cast: Aaron Kwok, Eason Chan, Dave Wang,Yumiko Cheng. Release date: June 24, 2004.
Contact: Koris Ha, Universe Films Distribution Co (852) 2437 2601

(Union Praise) Co-prod: Shenzhen Film Studio. Budget: US$10m. Backers: EmperorMotion Picture Group. Int'l sales: EMP Distribution (Asia), Arclight Films (exAsia). Genre: Epic fantasy action adventure. Synopsis: A cruel empress rulesthe ancient land of Huadu where men are subservient to women. But a humble boy,who was born to be king, sets out on an epic journey to find fortune and glory,accompanied by his adoped brother and two fierce warrior women. Exec prods:Albert Yeung, Song Le Qun. Prods: Albert Lee, Zhao Jian Guo. Dirs: Cory Yuen,Patrick Leung. Scr: Peter Tsi. DoP: Chan Chi Ying. Prod des: Bill Lui. Costdes: Lee Pik Kwan. Cast: Charlene Choi, Gillian Chung, Jaycee Chan, ChenBo-lin, Tony Leung Ka-fai, Daniel Wu, Donnie Yen, Jackie Chan, Edison Chen. Releasedate: August 12, 2004.
Contact: Arclight Films (ex Asia) (61 2) 9955 8825, Emperor Motion Picture(Asia) (852) 2969 7810

KUNG-FU HUSTLE (workingtitle)
(The Star Overseas, Columbia Pictures Film Production Asia) Co-prods: ChinaFilm Group's Fourth Production Company (China), Huayi Brothers & Taihe FilmInvestment Co (China). Dist: Huayi Brothers (China), Columbia TriStar (rest ofthe world). Genre: Action comedy. Synopsis: A hapless wannabe gangster, Sing,aspires to be a member of the notorious Axe Gang, a ruthless mob focused ongaining control over the one area in their territory that's remained out ofreach. Exec prods: David Hung, Bill Borden. Prods: Stephen Chow, Chui Po Chu,Jeff Lau. Ass prod: Rita Fung. Dir: Stephen Chow. Scr: Stephen Chow, Tsang KanCheong, Chan Man Keung. DoP: Poon Hang Sang. Ed: Angie Lam. Prod des: OliverWong. Cost des: Shirley Chan. Special effects: Centro Digital Pictures. Cast:Stephen Chow, Yuen Wah. Release date: Christmas 2004.
Contact: Columbia Pictures Film Production Asia (852) 2105 8888

(Brilliant Idea Group) Budget: US$1.5m. Backers: Mei Ah Entertainment. Int'lsales: Mei Ah Entertainment. Genre: Action thriller. Synopsis: While travellingon holiday with his girlfriend, a nurse is kidnapped by a robber who believeshe can help his wounded partner. Using a walkie-talkie stolen from the robbers,the nurse gets in touch with his girlfriend who tries to save him, unaware thatshe is in a much worse situation. Prods: Joe Ma, Ivy Kong. Dir: Cheang Pou-soi.Cast: Eason Chan, Niki Chow. Release date: June 3, 2004.
Contact: Sara Law, Mei Ah Entertainment (852) 2751 3353

(Bliss Distribution, LunchtimeProduction) Budget: US$2m. Backers: Bliss Distribution. Int'l sales: Golden NetworkAsia. Genre: Animation. Synopsis: Inspired by the similarity between her ownsituation and that of JK Rowling, author of the lucrative Harry Potter books,McDull's mother tries her hand at writing the story of her life and tells youngMcDull about his father and family. Exec prod: Alice Mak. Prod: Brian Tse. Dir:Toe Yuen. Scr: Brian Tse. Ed: Toe Yuen. Music: Steve Ho. Release date: June2004.
Contact: Carrie Wong, Golden Network Asia (852) 2751 1886

NEW POLICE STORY (working title)
(JCE Movies) Budget: US$15m. Backers: JCE Movies. Int'l sales: Arclight Films.Genre: Action comedy. Synopsis: The Hong Kong police force's resident super copunwittingly teams up with a police imposter to hunt down the ruthless Gang ofFive. Exec prods: Jackie Chan, Albert Yeung, Willie Chan. Prods: Willie Chan,Solon So, Benny Chan, Barbie Tung. Dir: Benny Chan. Stunt director: JackieChan. Stunt choreographers: Lee Chung-chi & JC Stunt Team. DoP: Pun YiuMing. Prod des: Wong Ching Ching. Cast: Jackie Chan, Nicholas Tse, Daniel Wu,Wang Chieh, Charlie Young. Release date: September 24, 2004.
Contact: Arclight Films (61) 2 9955 8825

(Grand China Movies) Backers: GrandChina Movies. Int'l sales: Grand China Movies. Genre: Comedy. Synopsis:Supermodel Mandom is finally on top of the fashion world after years of hardwork. One day he receives a death threat that prevents him from attending amodeling world event and a female police officer is assigned to protect him 24hours a day. Direct and righteous, she has always looked down on models so shefeuds with Mandom every day. Prods: Paco Wong, Abba Chan. Dir: Vincent Kok.Cast: Ronald Cheng, Karena Lam, Sammy Leung, Sam Lee, Rain Li, Kenny Bee.Release date: June 17, 2004.
Contact: Paco Wong, Gold Label Entertainment (852) 2996 3988

(Milkyway Image) Backers: China Star Entertainment. Int'l sales: China StarEntertainment. Genre: Action. Synopsis: Pub manager Sze-to was once thegreatest judo fighter around until he gave up the sport for no apparent reasonand became an alcoholic gambler. But then cocky judo champion Leather Jacketshows up at the door and challenges him to a duel. Prod: Johnnie To. Dir:Johnnie To. Scr: Yau Nai Hoi. DoP: Cheng Siu Keung. Cast: Tony Leung Ka-fai,Jordan Chan, Louis Koo, Aaron Kwok, Cherrie In. Release date: July 2004(TBC).
Contact: Ann Hung, China Star Entertainment (852) 2313 1888