The American Cinema Editors (ACE) have announced the feature nominees for the 60th Annual ACE Eddie Awards set to take place on February 14.

Best edited feature (dramatic) nominees:

Avatar (Stephen Rivkin, John Refua, James Cameron)

District 9 (Julian Clarke)

The Hurt Locker (pictured) Bob Murawski and Chris Innis)

Star Trek (Maryann Brandon and Mary Jo Markey)

Up In The Air (Dana Glauberman)

Best edited feature (comedy or musical) nominees:

500 Days Of Summer (Alan Edward Bell)

The Hangover (Debra Neil-Fisher)

Julie & Julia (Richard Marks)

A Serious Man (Roderick Jaynes)

It’s Complicated (Joe Hutshing and David Moritz)

Best edited animated feature:

Coraline (Christopher Murrie and Ronald Sanders)

Fantastic Mr Fox ( Andrew Weisblum)

Up (Kevin Nolting).

As previously announced, AVID will receive ACE’s first-ever Technical Excellence Award at the ceremony. Two Career Achievement honorees and ACE’s Golden Eddie honoree will be announced next week.