Bill Hwang is leaving Shanghai-based Meridian Pictures Group after two-and-a-half years as the company's director of international distribution.

A former executive of Korea's Tube Entertainment and Kang Jegyu Films, Hwang came on board the Shanghai-based company in March 2006. He will officially leave at the end of August. Meridian has not yet decided on a replacement for Hwang's post, according to a Meridian spokesperson.

Meridian Pictures was founded in 2005 by Chinese textile tycoon David Dong. The company was the second largest investor in Tsui Hark's 2005 martial arts drama Seven Swords.

In 2006 Meridian Pictures announced that is would co-produce $20m live-action adventure Mulan with The Weinstein Company, and planned to recruit Zhang Ziyi as the leading woman.

In 2007, Meridian signed a 10-picture output deal with Taiwan-based producer Peggy Chiao to produce films directed by Li Shaohong, Samson Chiu, as well as first-time filmmakers form mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Meridian is also developing a trilogy film Gui Chui Deng, based on a popular Chinese online novel series about grave-robbing, treasure-hunting and ghosts, to be produced and directed by Hong Kong director Johnnie To.

None of the announced projects have gone into production, but are still in the development stage, according to the Meridian spokesperson.

Meridian also plans to adapt Yan Geling's latest novel Xiao Yi Duo He into a movie. The novel is about a Japanese woman living in China for 40 years, witnessing the big changes in the country.