UK sales and distribution company Icon has signed an exclusive, long-term first-look deal with Kidulthood writer Noel Clarke and his production company Unstoppable Entertainment. Icon is also taking a small equity position in Unstoppable.

Icon will have the option to finance, sell and distribute any project produced by Unstoppable. This is expected to include one or two films per year (budgeted at $5m-$10m) which will either be written by, directed by, produced by, or starring Clarke.

Potential projects include an untitled directing/starring vehicle for Clarke; Fast Girls, a sports film set around the 2012 Olympics (with producer Damian Jones); and Reign of Death, a futuristic film noir.

The deal was finalised by Clarke; Stewart Till, CEO of Icon UK group; Hugo Grumbar, president of Icon Film Distribution; and Josh Varney of Independent Talent Group.

“I am delighted to be working with Unstoppable. Noel has that rare and very valuable gift of understanding the audience and making films they absolutely want to watch,” said Till.

Clarke added: “I feel very honored that Stewart and Icon have stepped up to support our vision for Unstoppable and are placing trust in me to provide them with quality product. I’m determined to bring them original films I can act in, write, direct, produce or a combination of the aforementioned, that excite and entertain and also look forward to partnering with new and established UK and International producers, writers and directors to deliver great work. I’m not interested in sitting back and being safe, we will actively try to break new ground with what we do out of the UK, for our home grown audience and for an increasingly important International one also.”

“Unstoppable’s goal is to continue to produce UK focused, entertaining and commercial movies with International appeal. Stewart’s vision for Icon marries that goal and Icon are the perfect partner to help Noel and Unstoppable build an exciting new UK player,” added Varney. 

In addition to writing and starring in Kidulthood, Clarke wrote, directed and starred in Adulthood. As an actor, he will appear in forthcoming films Heartless and Centurion. He is also well known in the UK for his role as Mickey in Doctor Who.

Icon Entertainment International already has international sales rights to his latest film,, a heist movie that Clarke wrote, directed, produced and stars in.