Awards will be handed out at the 29th Annual IDA Awards Gala on Dec 6.

Alex Gibney [pictured], Laura Poitras and Geralyn Dreyfous will be honoured by the International Documentary Association (IDA) at this year’s awards gala.

Gibney will receive the 2013 Career Achivement Award, while Dreyfous will pick up the Amicus Award and Poitras will be honoured with the Courage Under Fire Award in recognition of “conspicuous bravery in the pursuit of truth”.

IDA executive director Michael Lumpkin commented: “The outstanding individuals IDA has chosen to honour this year represent the very best of our thriving documentary filmmaking community.

“The dedication of Gibney, Poitras and Dreyfous to the art and craft of nonfiction storytelling has contributed greatly to expanding our understanding of the shared human experience and creating a more informed, compassionate and connected world.”

The 29th Annual IDA Documentary Awards will be held on Dec 6 at the Director’s Guild in Los Angeles. A full list of nominees for the IDA Documentary Awards will be announced in late October.