India-based Century Communications has acquired UK-based visual effects house Men From Mars.

Century is the independently owned media company that is the parent of Indian effects company Pixion.

Simon Frame and Phil Attfield founded Men From Mars in 2000 after leaving Men In White Coats. The company has since worked on films including St Trinians, Elizabeth, Run, Fat Boy, Run and the forthcoming Mutant Chronicles.

Century Communications has acquired Frame and Attfield's stake, as well as Welsh Media Company Barcud Derwen's shareholding for an undisclosed sum.

The companies did say that the sale and forthcoming company investment would be worth more than $4m.

Frame and Attfield will retain strategic and management control of the company, and will also continue as board directors.

Tom Horton, currently in a senior management role, will serve as managing director and joins the board.

Naresh Malik, CEO of Pixion, will work directly with the directors.

Malik said: 'The Men From Mars acquisition gives us an opportunity to inject international talent directly into Pixion and so establish the Men-from-Mars/Pixion brand as one of the most cost effective creatively drive vfx pipelines'.

Attfield added that the chance to work cross-culturally was important. 'On Mutant Chronicles we had artists hailing from Britain, France, Pakistan, Lithuania, New Zealand, Ireland, Cyprus, Israel and India. Working with creative artists of different cultures and nationalities can be demanding but ultimately very rewarding. The Pixion/MfM collaboration is an exciting opportunity to build on this recent experiences.'