Indian director-producer Kamal Musale is currently shooting his debut feature, Indo-Swiss co-production Bumbai Bird, in Mumbai.

Starring Bhupesh Kumar Singh and Kanupriya Sharma, the film is about an unconscious person whose spirit flies over the city of Mumbai and meets other people who have fallen unconscious. “It includes stories from the upper, middle and lower classes in the city and traces the reasons why they fell unconscious,” Musale says.

The Hindi-language film is a co-production between Switzerland’s Les Films du Lotus and India’s Curry Western Productions. Musale is a partner in both companies. Swiss musician Malcolm Braff is also working on the film, which is scheduled for release in 2012.

Musale is setting up his next project, $2m The Hermit, as a co-production between Swiss producer Heinz Dill and Rahila Bootwala of Canada’s Cinevedas. Musale’s credits include TV film Aline and documentaries including Healers Of Brazil.