Further positioning itself as a major buyer, InnoForm Media has acquired Singapore rights to three major Chinese titles - Peter Ho-sun Chan's The Warlords from ARM Distribution, Benny Chan's Invisible Target from Universe Films Distribution and John Woo-produced Blood Brothers from CMC Entertainment.

InnoForm aims to join the day-and-date pan-Asian theatrical release for the three films with Invisible Target scheduled for this July, Blood Brothers for August and The Warlords for December, according to general manager Lim Teck.

'These three deals, for which we started negotiations with the various companies at Hong Kong Filmart, further diversify InnoForm from its core business of home video distribution to film production and distribution,' said Lim, adding that the company is on the lookout for more theatrical titles from Cannes.

Innoform flexed its marketing and distribution muscles earlier this year for Jack Neo's Just Follow Law. With box office revenues of $1.8m (S$2.8m), the local comedy, which InnoForm also produced, has emerged as Singapore 's highest-grossing film in the first quarter of this year.

The company hit the jackpot again with its latest release, 200 Pounds Beauty, which yesterday (May 7) smashed the record to become the highest-grossing Korean film in the city-state. The comedy earned more than $554,800 (S$840,000) in less than three weeks, surpassing the previous record set by Wishing Stairs in 2003.

Kelvin Tong's local horror comedy Men In White is set to be the company's next big release planned for June.