On the heels of Tommy Lee Jones's arrival in Cannes to talk about his his new film Islands in the Stream, Intandem Films has sold the first territory to Mars Films for France.

Other territories sold are CIS (Luxor), Turkey (Chantier) and Portugal (Lusomundo).

Today (Sunday) Jones will give his presentation to buyers and financiers for the $30m project. It is adapted from the Hemingway classic, and will star Jones and potentially Morgan Freeman and John Goodman as well.

William Morris Independent will represent US rights. It will shoot in March 2009 in Puerto Rico.

The deal negotiations with Intandem Films were led by Valerie Garcia and Veronique Cuilhe. 'Our strategy at Mars Films is to have two or three major international films as box-office drivers,' Cuilhe said. 'Islands in the Stream fits perfectly with our strategy and we are looking forward to releasing it in 2010.'

Gary Smith, Intandem chairman, added: 'We are thrilled to be working with a top distributor such as Mars Films in delivering this incredible film to the market. They share our passion for the film and completely understand Tommy Lee's vision.'

Islands In The Stream marks Jones' second feature as a director after the well-received The Three Burials Of Melquiades Estrada in 2005.