You’ll have seen the fields of corn. Matthew McConaughey hugging his daughter. A professorial Michael Caine. Now there is more.

Paramount has posted a third trailer for Legendary Pictures’ upcoming November 7 release (Warner Bros handles international) after sneaking a peek at Comic-Con – and it’s a cracker.

New images from Christopher Nolan’s secretive movie reveal McConaughey and fellow astronaut Anne Hathaway on a mission to save humanity.

We see them ensconced in their vessel in deep space. Cuts of family scenes. Tears. Laughter. The crew executes a… wait… is that some kind of warp drive manoeuvre?

There is the Hans Zimmer score that sounds like an imperious army gliding across the universe. The landing on some kind of ice planet. McConaughey, wide-eyed.

“I hope we are on the cusp of a brand new era of exploration and looking outwards more,” Nolan revealed in an unexpected chat with Screendaily at Comic-Con. OK there were 6,500 other people there when he said that, all of us stuffed into the fabled Hall H, hanging on his every word.

We hope we’re on the cusp of an extraordinary sci-fi movie. The British maestro cited 2001: A Space Odyssey as a formative influence and appears to be going for a similarly epic vibe in Interstellar.

“For me the thrill of trying to make a large-scale sci-fi film about journeying through the stars has to be about the experience for the audience… What we learned in the journey of making the film so far is it’s really about human beings and what it is to be human.”

Mark it down in your diaries. November 7.