Israelifilm The Policeman was the winner of the Crossroads co-production forum prizeat the Thessaloniki International Film Festival.

The award worth $15,000 (Euros 10,000) was offered by the Festival sponsor Nokia N series.

The project, selected from a shortlist of 14, was presented to scriptwriter/director Nadav Lapid.

The film is produced by Edgar Tenembaum (Tu vas Voir Film Productions) and Geraldine Michelot (Les Films Pelleas) from France.

The members of the international jury who took one-to-one meetings with the participants of all 14 projects before selecting the winner were, Stephen Kelliher (Bankside Films-UK), Laure Caillol (Indie Circle-France) and Christina Stavropoulou (Inkas Film-Greece).

Crossroads, created in 2005 by the TIFF director Despina Mouzaki, is headed by former Cannes Fortnight topper French producer Marie-Pierre Macia.

It caters to projects from countries of the Balkan and Eastern Mediterranean regions (Cyprus, France, Greece, Israel, Italy, Lebanon, Romania, and Turkey) introducing them to a network of financiers, co-producers and leading industry specialists from all over the world.

This year Turkey was the focus of a Crossroads new sub-section meant to spotlight year after year a different country of the region.