US-based online film distribution portal has launched free ad-supported streamed downloads of 100 independent and international films in high definition quality.

The films which include award-winners like Theo Van Gogh's Cool and Shake Hands With The Devil, classics like Charade and a slew of Bollywood titles, are free with advertisements. Alternatively, users may download them free of ads for $1.99.

Jaman is using a new cross-platform browser capability that works on PCs, Macs and Linux systems, allowing audiences to begin watching films in seconds. The technology automatically adjusts to provide a video stream tailored to the user's bandwidth conditions.

'This development changes the marketplace for long-form content,' said Gaurav Dhillon, founder and CEO of Jaman. 'By offering a free streaming media service along with our current rental and ownership download options, we are anticipating the future of digital cinema. With streaming, we provide our community with a quality viewing experience that is free and for our advertisers, we deliver a unique audience and premium and targeted placement opportunities.'