Japanese producer-distributor Movie-Eye Entertainment has unveiled its 2008-2009 line-up, which has a strong emphasis on foreign acquisitions.

A total of 30 films were announced, comprising 24 foreign titles and six domestic releases.

The eight titles slated for the remainder of 2008 include Tarsem-directed fantasy The Fall (Sept), Hilary Swank starrer P.S. I Love You (Oct 18, with Toho-Towa), Jason Statham crime caper The Bank Job (autumn), horror remake The Eye (autumn), and Stephen King thriller 1408 (Nov).

The 2009 slate boasts Overture Films' DeNiro-Pacino cop drama Righteous Kill; futuristic thriller Game, starring Gerald Butler; Millennium Films' The Code; The Hurt Locker, starring Ralph Fiennes, and Renee Zellweger drama Chilled In Miami.

Movie-Eye is also known for pre-buying rights at the screenplay stage for titles such as Crash. The company will distribute Dennis Quaid science fiction title Pandorum, which goes into production this August.

Local fare includes Cafe Isobe and Japan-Taiwan co-production Tea Fight, both released this month. Nightmare Detective 2, Non-chan Noriben and Yubiwa Wo Hametai will open next year.

Under president and former Gaga Communications exec Kaz Tadashiki, Movie-Eye has gradually increased its profile as a distributor of Hollywood titles over the past eight years.

The role of small to mid-size distributors such as Movie-Eye will perhaps become even more important in light of major buyer Gaga Communications ceasing foreign acquisitions this year. Tadashiki also announced further strengthening ofMovie-Eye's distribution and publicity capabilities.

The company has also branched out into foreign TV programming and DVD sales through its recently established Movie-Eye Media label.