Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa held on to the number-one spot in Screen’s first international chart of 2009, with weekend takings of just under $32m, bringing its cumulative gross to $339.9m.

Paramount Pictures International’s animated sequel has now surpassed the international gross of the original adventure, which stood at $338m, and still has key territories South Korea (opening this weekend) and Japan (March 14) yet to come. The film played in 43 territories, across 6,290 screens for an average of $5,100.

Walt Disney Smpi’s Bedtime Stories enjoyed a 60% increase in week-on-week takings for the January 2-4 weekend with a $21.6m haul from 3,378 screens, moving two places up the table to second. Adam Sandler’s family comedy is playing in 23 territories, with the cumulative gross standing at $42.4m. The film expands across Europe in January and February, and is scheduled for a Japanese release on March 28.

Jim Carrey’s latest comedy, Yes Man, also saw an increase in takings, with an $11.4m weekend gross, up 47% on last week. The Warner Bros film played on 1,775 screens in 20 territories, including Australia where it debuted in first place (with $3m from 256) and the UK where it held on to the top spot for a second week ($3.2m from 434 screens - a drop of just 5%).

There was only one new entry in the international chart, with A Frozen Flower reaching fourteenth position. Centring on a regal bisexual love triangle, the provocative film from South Korea’s Yoo Ha is being distributed by Showbox/Mediaplex. It debuted this week in its home territory where it secured first position and took $3.4m from 559 screens, giving it a screen average of $6,000.

Pixar animation Wall-E is close to surpassing the $300m marker in its 28th week of international release, standing at $298.9m.

 (Last 3-day   
 week)Film (origin)gross $ScrsCume $Terr
1(1)Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (US)$31,962,7016,290$339,881,52443
2(4)Bedtime Stories (US)$21,566,7733,378$42,421,76223
3(2)Australia (US-Aus)$21,426,9815,241$83,567,15551
4(9)Bolt (US)$11,513,9331,797$64,243,86126
5(10)Yes Man (US)$11,449,8601,775$32,683,53720
6(3)The Day The Earth Stood Still (US)$10,909,9725,008$129,586,78842
7(8)Twilight (US)$8,836,2122,354$105,794,98036
8(7)If You Are The One (Ch)$7,454,277831$39,896,3872
9(5)Ghanjini (Ind)$6,553,1081,288$28,812,35023
10(19)The Spirit (US)$5,108,1461,649$9,961,67813
11(6)Natale A Rio (It)$4,427,201565$34,344,6902
12(15)The Tale Of Despereaux (US)$3,538,8981,834$12,820,89916
13(28)Wall-E (US)$3,357,168480$298,938,9776
14NewA Frozen Flower (S Kor)$3,369,327559$6,622,1211
15(14)Four Christmases (US)$3,126,4881,574$36,744,81641
16(16)1 1/2 Knights: In Search Of … (Ger)$2,986,868714$13,967,6053
17(13)Ip Man (Ch)$2,943,765934$18,282,5454
18(17)Largo Winch (Fr)$2,876,840523$13,220,4923
19(66)If I Were You 2 (Bra)$2,869,734310$3,588,8321
20(12)Lovey Dovey 2 (Russia)$2,852,664983$12,175,5892
21(34)Marley & Me (US)$2,851,967469$5,187,8076
22(20)Changeling (US)$2,565,005805$35,321,15312
23(26)The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button (US)$2,270,373307$6,219,1502
24(24)Inkheart (US-UK-Ger)$2,241,2631,090$15,515,5716
25(25)Speed Scandal (S Kor)$2,228,432374$24,943,3771
26(11)Il Cosmo Sul Como (It)$2,190,092470$18,488,6372
27(36)K-20: Legend Of The Mask (Jap)$2,152,248322$12,259,0141
28(27)Burn After Reading (US-UK-Fr)$2,120,595723$91,411,83315
29(22)Quantum Of Solace (US-UK)$2,055,6181,325$382,046,98736
30(21)Die Buddenbrooks (Ger)$2,013,912292$6,151,7833
31(29)Body Of Lies (US)$1,801,391953$73,931,21133
32(35)Max Manus (Nor)$1,648,495103$7,073,0721
33*Pride And Glory (US)$1,578,734449$10,543,62011
34(23)Nights In Rodanthe (US)$1,556,703356$40,686,6055
35*The Strangers (US)$1,547,917228$26,368,8374
36(30)Niko And The Way To The Stars (Fin)$1,508,170855$10,288,27811
37(18)Stilyagi (Rus)$1,488,586884$5,962,9282
38(38)Vicky Cristina Barcelona (US-Sp)$1,435,805522$56,826,86821
39*Righteous Kill (US)$1,420,884305$35,735,9736
40(46)Seven Pounds (US)$1,351,421254$3,376,4165
* Re-entry (c) Screen International, compiled by Leonard Klady