Major South Korean exhibitor Megabox Mediaplex opened its first multiplex in Beijing yesterday (July 4).

Billed as a '5-star modern multiplex cinema', the Beijing Megabox is the first internationally co-owned theatre in the capital.

With eight screens and 1,700 seats, the cinema boasts a VIP and membership system, and internet and phone reservation services, which differentiate it from its competitors.

The Megabox is situated in an entertainment and shopping mall complex in the Zhongguancun IT district.

Megabox is also planning to open two more multiplexes in Beijing, including one in the busy area of Sanlitun by 2008. The company's three multiplexes would then comprise 25 screens and 5,400 seats.

Other Korean exhibitors that have opened multiplexes in China are MK Pictures and CJ CGV - both in Shanghai.