Major Korean production house Sidus FNH has announced it will start distributing its own films late this year.

The company's first self-distributed film looks likely to be romantic comedy Yong-eui-judo Miss Shin (original title) about a rich and accomplished young woman who goes about selecting a husband the same way she would go shopping for objects.

Jointly headed by hit producers Kim Mi-hee and Tcha Seung-jai - also head of the Korean Film Producers' Association - the company saw the release of a dozen films last year, including the hits Tazza: The High Rollers and A Dirty Carnival by leading distributor CJ Entertainment.

The company has been preparing to launch a distribution arm since late 2005, when it was 51% acquired by leading telecommunications operator Korea Telecom and affiliated mobile operator KTF.

Sidus FNH plans primarily to distribute its own productions, leaving open the possibility of handling outside films as well.

Plans for international sales are as yet unspecified.