Fresh from his political thriller What No One Knows, which is screening in Berlin's
Panorama, Danish auteur of Soren Kragh-Jacobsen is looking to make a costume drama about the composer Chopin.

The film, which has the working title Incognito C, will be produced by Lars Bredo Rahbek at Nimbus Film. It is likely to be put together as a Danish-Polish-French co-production.

The project is at an early stage but - as a biggish budget costume drama - will be in very different register from Kragh-Jacobsen's Dogme project, Mifune's Last Song.

It is yet to be decided whether the Chopin film will be Kragh-Jacobsen's next feature. The veteran Danish director is also collaborating on a new project with Rasmus Heisterberg, his co-screenwriter on What No One Knows. 'We are
on the lookout for similar material again as long as it has a political edge,' Rahbek commented.

At Nimbus, Rahbek is also working with Charlotte Sieling, a well-known TV
director in Denmark, on her first feature, Above The Street, Below The Water. The film, which follows three couples over the course of a single day in Copenhagen, is due to shoot in the autumn.

What No One Knows is released in Denmark in June by Sandrews Metronome. As
announced earlier in the Berlinale, it is bering sold internationally by The Match Factory, as will Nimbus's World War Two dramas Flame And Citron.

Flame And Citron is in post-production. Its Danish release follows in late March. At 6.5 million Euros, it is the biggest budget Danish film yet made.

Nimbus, formed in 1993, is currently the third biggest production company in Denmark.