Lars Von Trier, the ageing enfant terrible of European cinema, clearly hasn't lost his allure for the international buyers. His new project Antichrist isn't cast yet.

It hasn't been decided where the horror picture will shoot and the financing has still to be put together but that hasn't stopped distributors from pouncing.

Producer Meta Foldager has confirmed that the film will shoot in English. A new version of the script has been completed and the aim is to try to go into production next summer.

Trust, which is handling world sales, has confirmed pre-sales with, among others, Brazil (California Films), India (Palador Pictures), Estonia (Estin Film), Middle East (Phars Film), Latvia and Lithuania (Acme), Romania (ProRome), Greece (Video 7), Russia and Ukraine (Central Partnership), Poland (Gutek) Bulgaria (Pro Film), Czech Republic (Artcam), Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina (Discovery) and Hungary (Budapest Film). As already announced, Lucky Red has taken the film for Italy.