In a village where people don’t die lives a woman who is willing to die. But she will only be allowed to die when she finds someone to replace her.

Prod companies: Taiga Filmes and Julia Solomonoff

Backers: Quanta, Meios e Mídias Comunicações, Carioca Filmes Ltda.

Producers: Lucia Murat and Julia Solomonoff 

Budget: around US$ 500.000

Intl Sales:

Director: Julia Murat

Screenplay: Julia Murat, Maria Clara Escobar and Felipe Sholl


Production Design: Julia Solomonoff

Art Director: Marina Kosovski

Cast: Liliana Castro

Locations: Sebastião de Lacerda, Aliança and Vassouras (Brazil)

Shooting from when until when: From Oct to Nov 2009