The veteran sales executive arrives as svp of international distribution.

Cohen Media Group chairman and CEO Charles S Cohen, to whom Mackiewicz will report, made the announcement on Wednesday (7).

Mackiewicz will market and license titles from the Cohen Film Collection, formerly known as The Rohauer Library. Titles include Intolerance, Birth Of A Nation and Blue Angel.

“The revival of interest in classic films and the implementation of new film technologies creates an exciting opportunity for the Cohen Film Collection films to be seen for the first time on Blu-ray DVD and on VOD platforms,” said Mackiewicz.

“I am inspired to use innovative strategies in presenting the Collection as event theatrical films in cinemas, as well as on Blu-ray DVD, VOD, Pay and Free TV in countries outside North American market. Additionally, I am happy to be joining Cohen Media Group and working with such a professional creative team.”

“It’s a most exciting time for us at the Cohen Media Group and we are pleased that Liz Mackiewicz will be part of our steadily growing company,” added Cohen.

Mackiewicz’s career credits include senior executive posts at Arclight Films, Media 8 Entertainment and First Look Studios.