South Korean sales agent M-Line Distribution has announced a raft of Cannes deals including the sale of espionage comedy My Girlfriend Is An Agent to Splendid for Germany and Benelux.

M-Line sales manager Nahie J. Kim said: “It’s a rare case to have a Korean comedy sell to Europe. The film has a concept like the Hollywood film Mr. & Mrs. Smith so it can arouse feelings of familiarity. During the market screening [in Cannes] a large group of European buyers came and didn’t leave their seats till the end.”

The local hit has racked up about $20.4m at the box office so far. In its sixth week on release the film is still in the top ten.

My Girlfriend Is An Agent also sold to Jambo Entertainment for Japan, Encore for Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei, Eagle for Taiwan and KR Contents forThailand.

Yu Ha’s costume drama A Frozen Flower sold to SPO for Japan and Festive Films for Singapore – despite a risk of the erotic martial arts film not passing censorship in that country. The horror film Handphone sold to KR Contents for Thailand and Celestial Pictures for Hong Kong.

Local sleeper hit Scandal Makers, which has a US remake in the works with Barry Sonenfeld attached to direct, was sold to Encore for Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei.

Love triangle cuisine drama The Naked Kitchen sold to Sahamongkolfilm for Thailand and Celestial Pictures for Hong Kong.