Hong Kong 's Mandarin Films Distribution has added the latest picture from Tsui Hark, romantic thriller Missing, to its Cannes slate.

The film features a hot cast of young Asian actors including Lee Sin-je, Isabella Leong, Chang Chen and rising Chinese star Guo Xiao Dong.

Produced, directed and written by Tsui, it marks the first underwater shoot for the director who will film at the ancient undersea ruins off Yonaguni Island at the westernmost tip of Japan. It also marks the first time that the ruins, which were only discovered in 1986, have been used as a location.

Tsui describes the ruins as the perfect backdrop for the $8m film which is currently in pre-production and will also shoot in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Taiwan.

'Legends speak of an amazing lost city that sank into the sea 10,000 years ago, during the last Ice Age when rising seas flooded the land mass that once connected China, Japan and Taiwan,' said Tsui. 'In the future, many of our cities may well sink into the sea.'

The film's cast has undergone three weeks of intensive diving instruction to prepare for the film. Tsui also selected underwater photography experts to join the crew including Japanese DoP Yoshitaka Sakamoto who has been working with the director for four years to develop a prototype camera specifically for the shooting of Missing.

Produced by Tsui's Film Workshop and Mandarin, the film is co-produced by mainland China outfits Dong Tian Motion Picture Investment, Enlight Pictures and Beijing Polybona. Executive producers are Raymond Wong, Nansun Shi, Wang Chang Tian and Yu Dong.