A boy’s transition from childhood into adolescence in the large metropolis of São Paulo.

Prod companies: A Gullane production in co-production with Warner Bros. South, Casa Redonda and Buriti Filmes


Producers: Caio Gullane, Fabiano Gullane, Debora Ivanov and Gabriel Lacerda.

Budget: around US$ 3m

Intl sales:

Director: Laís Bodanzky

Screenplay: Luiz Bolognesi

DoP: Mauro Pinheiro

Production Design: Cássio Amarante    

Cast: Denise Fraga, José Carlos Machado, Gustavo Machado, Caio Blat and Paulo Vilhena

Locations: São Paulo

Shooting from when until when: From Apr to May 2009

Contact: international@gullane.com

Status: Production