Ari Newman'sdistribution and foreign sales outfit Media Financial International and salesveteran Gregory Cascante today (Apr 10) announced the acquisition of worldwiderights to Straw Weisman's Man Of The Year, with a platform theatrical US release scheduledfor this summer in Los Angeles.

The improvisedensemble picture was shot in 12 hours with 25 actors and 20 cameras and centreson a debauched party in the Hollywood Hills. Featured performers include JohnRitter, Lin Shaye and Playboy Playmate Heidi Mark.

Man Of TheYear premiered on Feb 18at the Santa Monica Film Festival. Plans are in the pipeline to go intoproduction later this year on three to four more so-called 'one-nightmovies'.

Newman, whoco-produced 2002's National Lampoon's Van Wilder, founded Media Financial Internationalafter serving as producer on his first two features, Squeeze (1997) and Next Stop Wonderland (1998).

The companyreleases theatrically in the US and handles sales in the international market. ManOf The Year is MediaFinancial International's second theatrical release following the 1999Czech Holocaust drama, All My Loved Ones.

Cascante is a30-year industry veteran whose career includes the release of Freeway, TheWhole Wide World and LawnmowerMan and the productionand international release of True Romance.