Larry Meistrich has unveiled the 2008 slate of features being out together at his NEHST Studios, which launched at Cannes 2007.

President of NEHST Creations - production group Dana Offenbach will oversee production on the titles, which includes Sridhar Reddy's India-set martial arts adventure The Killing Moon, Ron Kanecke's supernatural drama And One For All and Boy's Name, based on Rene Ashton's screenplay about an older woman who takes a young couple on the journey of a lifetime.

The line-up continues with Priyanka Kumar's drama The Flicker's Dance, Wayne Chesler's horror project Fright Fest and Cary Abbott's screenplay Blood Stripe, about gang members who infiltrate the Marines.

'It is very exciting to be part of a company that is giving unprecedented industry access to such a diversified group of people,' Offenbach said. 'Each one of our projects is just as diverse - as we have the ability to produce all over the world, and this is extremely attractive to me.'