Metrodome has joined forces with Rialto on a deal for Martin Provost'sSeraphine.

Metrodome takes on all UK and Ireland rights while Rialto takes on New Zealand and Australia rights.

The deal was brokered by Metrodome's CEO Peter Urie, general manager distribution Sara Frain and head of acquisitions James Brown with Yohann Comte for Roissy Films.

Serpahine is about the troubled life of French artist Seraphine Louis, who works as a maid before art critics discover her talent. As she gains exposure, she starts to descend into madness. Yolande Moreau stars.

Frain said: 'Seraphine is French filmmaking at its best. Yolande Moreau's central performance is sure to touch the hearts of the UK public and help to bring her work back into the country's consciousness. We are delighted to be working with Roissy Films and partnering once again with Rialto, who are an outstanding partner in Australia.'

Comte of Roissy added: 'Metrodome has been tracking the project since the very beginning and their enthusiasm after the screening confirmed to us that they were the perfect distributor for the film. We are delighted to work with an ambitious and passionate distributor who has the means to turn a high-profile arthouse film like Seraphine into a commercial success.'

Kelly Rogers of Rialto said: 'We're thrilled to be working with Metrodome and Roissy on this superb film with a heart of gold, harking back to the days when arthouse meant sunshine and roses with a good tug at the heart-strings!'

Metrodome plans a summer 2009 launch.