Metrodome has struck a UK deal for WWII horror film The Devil’s Rock, with NZ Film.

Director Paul Campion co-wrote the script with Paul Finch and Brett Ihaka.

The film is now in post. The story is set in the Channel Islands but shot in New Zealand, with creature effects by WETA. Leanne Saunders produces for Severe Features, with financing from the New Zealand Film Commmission and Chameleon Films. James Thompson at NZ Film is handling international sales, and he is screening early footage here at the AFM. Vendetta Films will release in New Zealand.

James Brown, Metrodome’s head of acquisitions, said: “Paul’s proven with his short that he has a real gift for effects-driven genre work, so when Leanne pitched the project I knew they had something special.”

The plot follows two Kiwi commandos who discover a Nazi occult plot to unleash demon forces.