The copyright industries that make up the International Intellectual Property Alliance have recommended that Mexico and Canada be among a list of 13 countries that be placed on a priority watch list.

In a submission to the Office of the US Trade Representative filed today [February 17] in the annual Special 301 review of intellectual property protection and market access issues in foreign countries, the organisation called for China and Russia - two well known piracy hotspots - to remain on the list.

The submission noted that Canada had taken 'no meaningful steps toward modernising its copyright law to meet the global minimum standards of the WIPO Internet Treaties, which it signed more than a decade ago.' Meanwhile piracy rates for many entertainment sectors in Russia were higher than 70%, according to the request, which resulted in substantial damage to US business.

'With the US economy shedding jobs at an alarming rate, our government needs to redouble it efforts to stem massive global theft of US copyrighted works in physical form and on the internet,' the International Intellectual Property Alliance's Eric H Smith said.

He added: 'We look forward to working closely with the Obama Administration to save and create jobs in some of America's most productive industries.'