MGM is in negotiations to buy US distribution rights to end-of-the-world comedy 2012-ish: The Day The Earth Bent Over, formerly known as Armageddagain. Odd Lot International meanwhile has closed key territories coming into AFM including DeA Planeta in Spain, Hoyts in Australia, Quality in Latin America, Nordisk in Scandinavia, Mirovision in South Korea and Mediafilm in Italy.

The MGM deal is being negotiated by the film's producer Hadeel Reda who is co-financing the film through her Purple Pictures with Australian producer/financier Omnilab Media which also backed QED's W.

The $25m film which will be directed by Robert Moniot from the screeplay he co-wrote with Travis Oates; it is set to shoot in Louisiana for a March 9 start date. The plot follows a young scientist who fights to save the planet from a number of catastrophes that threaten mankind not to mention a bumbling president and a manic depressive NASA commander.

'The film is a comedic satire in the vein of Airplane and Young Frankenstein,' said Reda 'The film has an engaging story and the actors play the comedy straight with sharp dialogue and visual humor like the original classics of the genre'.

Other foreign deals sealed by Odd Lot include Imagem in Brazil, West Company in CIS, Nu Metro in South Africa, Spentzos in Greece, Forum in Israel, PRA in Turkey, Monolith in Poland, Blitz in ex-Yugoslavia, Gulf in the middle east, Pioneer in Philippines, Grand View in Czech Republic, LNK in Portugal and M Pictures in Thailand.

'2012-Ish: The Day The Earth Bent Over is a hilarious, broad comedy with a story that will appeal to audiences of all ages worldwide,' said Brian O'Shea, evp of worldwide distribution at Odd Lot International.