Kirk D'Amico's Myriad Pictures' closed key territories on the 3D English-language animated feature Dino Mom at AFM.

Myriad holds worldwide rights to the film, currently in production in South Korea, about three children who travel back in time 65 million years.

This is the first English-language 3D animated feature to come out of South Korea and is produced by Toiion Inc and Motif. Production is scheduled to wrap towards the end of 2009 in time for a 2010 release.

Rights sold to Gussi in Mexico, Imagem in Brazil, Cinemax in CIS/Russia, New Wave in China, Eagle Films in the Middle East, Intersonic in the Czech Republic/Hungary and MCFilms in the former Yugoslavia.

Deals also closed with Polsat in Poland, ITV in Romania, Myndeform in Iceland, Aurora in the Ukraine, Delta Films in Peru, Blanco & Travieso in Venezuela and Leda Films in Latin America for Pay TV.

Dino Mom went out through existing output deals with Golden Village in Singapore, VC Multimedia in Portugal, D Productions in Turkey and CineColumbia in Colombia.