The Chronicles OfNarnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe maintained its early 2006 supremacy with an estimated $30.6m weekendhaul that raises the cumulative total to a mighty $277m.

The picture has amassed $525m worldwide incorporating the $247.6m domestictally and Buena Vista International (BVI) top brass must be rubbing their handswith glee.

This amalgam of two books from C S Lewis' Narnia tales is merely the beginning of what is shaping upto become one of the biggest children's franchises of all time. There areanother five books in the series and development is already underway on asequel.

The Chronicles Of Narniacurrently ranks as BVI's eighth biggest international release ever and itsseventh worldwide. It will overtake The Sixth Sense's $531m global haul this week and it won't be longbefore it passes Armageddon's$555m mark to rank as BVI's fifth biggest global hit.

A string of number one holds and two spectacular debuts in significant smallermarkets was led by a $5.9m result in France that raised the total to $28.1mafter three weekends.

Chronicles stayed at the top inthe UK for the fifth consecutive weekend (although this is disputed byUniversal executives who claim King Kong is the champion), as $3.3m raised the total to $66.5m. Chronicles is now BVI's second biggest release ever behind ToyStory 2's £44m local currency benchmark.

Elsewhere Australia generated $2.9m for $17.8m after two weekends, while Spainproduced $2.5m for $20.7m in its fifth weekend following a 72% rise on the backof the Three Epiphanies holiday that should boost business through the end ofMonday.

In South Korea Chronicles added$2.3m for $9.4m in its second weekend to rank second behind a local languagetitle, while Italy added $1.8m for $16.2m in its third weekend and Germanystands at $23.3m after five.

Mexico also reported strong business from the Three Epiphanies holiday as thepicture gained 2%, adding $1.2m for $20.5m to rank second after five.

Chronicles opened top in Poland- a fast growing market with a comparable population to the UK and France- as BVI registered its biggest ever debut of $1.5m.

The fantasy epic crushed the competition in Argentina with a magnificent $1mresult that ranks as the industry's biggest debut of all time. The picture isyet to open in Japan.

Meanwhile BVI's animated romp Chicken Little continued its fine run and became the first pictureto cross $100m in 2006, although only $21.5m of that gross has come from thiscalendar year. It added $5.9m for a $105.5m international running total andbecomes the 18th Disney animated title to cross $100minternationally.

Ongoing holidays in Australia helped the picture gain 164% as it generated$1.8m in its second weekend to rank second on $4.7m. Japan added $1.2m for$16.2m after three.

Universal's King Kong added $24min 6,900 venues in 57 territories through UIP to raise the running total to agargantuan $272m. It has overtaken Gladiator and is now Universal's third biggest picture everbehind Jurassic Park and TheLost World.

Buoyed by the return of regularcinema opening hours after New Year's Eve, Kong enjoyed strong fourth weekend holds throughout. Itgrossed $3.9m in 473 sites in the UK for a contested number one finish with Chronicles.Kong's running total is $45.4m.

It added $1.4m from 771 in France to rank second on $22.5m, and $2m in Germanyon 713 for third place on $18.8m.

Spain generated $1.4m from 378 sites to rank fifth on $13.5m, Australiaproduced $1.1m from 242 to rank fifth, and the key Japanese cities have amassed$15.5m.

Brazil stands at $5.2m, Mexico is on $14.7m, and New Zealand, where Kong has been the number one picture since it opened, hasgrossed $4.7m.

Universal's Gulf War drama Jarheadlaunched in nine territories and grossed $4m from 960 venues.

Germany produced $1.8m from 318 to rank fourth, Spain generated $975,000 from228 for seventh place, and Mexico produced $350,000 from 183 for seventh place.

Austria opened in second place on $310,000 from 45 and Brazil opened ninth on$180,000 from 110. Jarhead opensin 17 territories this week including the UK.

Latest figures put Pride And Prejudice on $44.5m and Nanny McPheeon $29.1m in the UK alone.

Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fireadded $11.4m in its eighth weekend through Warner Bros Pictures Internationalfor a $568.8m international cumulative total.

Fun With Dick And Jane grossed$5.2m on 1,030 prints in 11 territories through Sony Pictures ReleasingInternational (SPRI) for an early $11m running total.

The comedy remake tore through the German-speaking territories, opening top inGermany on $2.6m on 472 screens, top in the German-speaking part of Switzerlandon $435,000 on 49, and top in Austria on $375,000 on 73. It also opened numberone in Portugal on $220,000 on 40.

After its second weekend in Australia Fun With Dick And Jane added $1.2m on 244 for $6m. The picture is expectedto accumulate $100m from all markets by the end of its run, and opens in Mexicothis week.

Fox International's family sequel Cheaper By The Dozen 2 raised its running total by $4.8m on 1,548 screensto $23.2m.

In the second weekend it added $1.4m in the UK for $7.3m, ranked number one inMexico on $1.2m for $4.2m, and opened in New Zealand on $178,000 on 40 screens.

The Family Stone used a $1.7mnumber two launch in Spain on 252 to boost its running total to $16m. Australiagenerated $690,000 on 133 for $1.3m after two weekends.

Brazilian acquisition Se Eu Fosse Voce scored a tremendous number one debut in its home country of $1.6m on183 screens - one of the biggest ever for a local title that bodes wellfor the weeks ahead.