Marc Forster's new James Bond film will be heading to Tuscany as part of its locations shoot, the latest of a series of international productions to choose the region as set.

Quantum of Solace will head to Italy for 15 days from the end of April
through May 12, picking up where Casino Royale left off at Lake Garda
before traveling to the Tuscan towns of Siena, Talamone and Carrara,
the Tuscan Film Commission said today.

Tuscany has ramped up their local film commission since its inception
in 2006 and is offering production support in the form of scouting, locations access, and hospitality, the commission said.

Quantum of Solace is the 22nd Bond film since the franchise debuted in
1962. Written by Paul Haggis, Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, the film
stars Daniel Craig, Mathieu Almeric, Ukrainian actress Olga Kurylenko
and Gemma Arterton, as previously announced, as well as Italian actor
Giancarlo Giannini and Oscar winner Judi Dench who reprise their roles
as Rene Mathis and M, respectively.

Forster began filming at Pinewood in January. The film is slated for a November 2008 release.

Tuscany recently hosted Spike Lee's WWII drama Miracle At St. Anna,
which wrapped last December after 42 shooting days around the town of
Lucca. That film is about a regiment of African American soldiers sent
to fight the Nazis in Tuscany. The production utilized historic
locations including the village of Sant Anna di Stazemma where 560
innocent Italians were killed in a Nazi massacre, which is represented
in the film.

Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami has conducted scouting on his
upcoming film The Certified Copy to be produced by France's Mk2 with
Italy's Angelo Barbagallo signed on as minority co producer. While
confirmed, that film is pushing back the shoot date - it was
originally to go into production this March. Locations include Arezzo,
Lucignano and Cortona.

In 2007, 74 productions for a total of 794 production days were shot
in Tuscany, which brought in over $10.3m (Euros 7m) to
the region, and included TV, shorts, documentaries and features.

2008 Italian productions heading to Tuscany include La Fanciulla del
lago (The Young Girl Of The Lake) directed by Paolo Benvenuti, about
composer Giacomo Puccini, while actor Raoul Bova will produce a short
against the death penalty entitled The Twenty-first Day (Il
ventunesimo giorno), directed by Gianluca Petrazzi.