The Korea Film Producers' Association (KFPA) has voted in a new chairman - Tcha Seung-jai, head of leading production company Sidus FNH. He replaces Guardtec president Jonathan Kim, whose four years in the position have expired.

Part of the first generation of Korean film renaissance producers, Tcha has shown increasing staying power. He was voted most powerful person in the industry in last year's Cine21 poll of industry players.

He most recently executive produced hits like card sharp thriller Tazza: The High Rollers and the Berlinale youth film LikeA Virgin.

At the KFPA's New Year meeting yesterday (Jan 25), the association members also elected vice-chairmen Kim Du-chan, CEO of Cinema Zenith, and Lee Joon-dong, head of Now Film.

The new executive team will be taking up where the old left off, facing stalled labor talks and the drawn-out fight to re-instate the Screen Quota to its full 146 days, as well as an unresolved discussion on profit-sharing rates for local films' distribution.