Film execs have voted for their favourite unproduced US screenplays.

black list

A script about Michael Jackson’s pet chimp Bubbles and a Moon-based roadtrip adventure are both on this year’s Black List of “most liked” unproduced screenplays in Hollywood.

The annual list, which was first published in 2005, surveys around 500 film executives on their favourite unmade scripts, with a typical response rate of 60%.

This year’s list features 81 screenplays, and was revealed in a series of Youtube videos hosted by the likes of Channing Tatum, Ava DuVernay and Lily James.

2015’s top screenplay is Isaac Adamson’s Bubbles, the story of the late pop star Michael Jackson’s life told through the narration of his pep chimp Bubbles.

Previous films on the list include Danny Boyle’s Slumdog Millionaire, Tom Hooper’s The King’s Speech and Ben Affleck’s Argo, all of which went on to win best picture Oscars.

Spotlight and The Revenant, both of which are strong contenders for this year’s awards race, were also former black list screenplays.

The full 2015 list:

Will Staples & Tony Camarino

105 and Rising
Andrew Cipio

Crimson Trail
Jeremy Schipp

The Fisherman
Will Dunn

The Canyon
Alex Cocquelow

Queen of the Air
Kat Bascoe

An African Western
By Chloe Castillion & Ridgeway Wilson

David Burke

Pandemonim Splendidly Managed
Brett Conrad

Cut and Run
Zoe McCarthy

Nicholas Zort

Matthias Carusoe

Black Friars
Chris Bremner

Mark Benculie & Jeff Prichard

Laurie Evans Taylor

Septillion to One
Adam Perlman & Graham Sack

Wish Upon
Barbara Marshall

Ari Gwendolyn & Rob McClelland

Star One
David Coggeshall

I Believe in America
Terry Fine

Treasure Island
James Coin

Mattson Tomlin

The Wretched Emily Derringer
Chris Thomas Dublin

Circle of Treason
Anna Waterhouse & Joe Schrapnel

Mike Rizzollio

Castle Drive
Matthew Scott Weiner

Matt King

Our Week with Waller
Evan & Shane Merzai

Mayday 109
Samuel V. Franco & Evan Kilgore

Jeffrey Gelber & Ryan Belenzon

Great Falls
Andy Friedof

The Setup
Carrie Grunland

Green River Killer
Michael Sheen

The Libertine
Ben Kopit

All the Money in the World
David Scarpa

Isaac Adamson

Neil Widener & Gavin James

Bare Knuckle
Dave Matteo

Free Agent
Sam Regnier

Henry Dunham

Christian Contreras

The Virginian
Michael Russell Gunn

Untitled Sociopath Project
Topher Reese Lawrence

The Boy
Owen Edgerton

Mike Van Waes

Songs of Treblinka
Viroka Bade

Pete Bridges

Do No Harm
Julia Cox

Crook County
Aron Gaudet & Gita Pullapilly

Francis and the Godfather
Andrew Ferotti

Atlantic Wall
Zach Dean

True Fan
John Whittington

Maggie McGowan Cohn

Geneva Robertson

The Burning Woman
Brad Ingelsby

John Polano

Miss Sloane
Jonathan Perera

Spring Offensive
Matthew McInerney-Lacombe

David Church Aurilio

John J Griffin

Untitled Larry L Hillblom Project
Matt Portnoy

Tomorrow On The Runway
Frederick Seton

White Boy Rick
Noah & Logan Miller

Set It Up
Katie Silverman

Three Months
Jared Frieder

Jacques Edeline

A Life Fantastic
Natalie Antoci

Senior Year
Andrew Knauer & Arthur Pielli

Hunting Eichmann
Matthew Orton

Final Journey
Michael Lee Barlan

Pale Blue Dot
Brian C Brown & Elliott DiGuiseppi

A Speck In The Sea
Jeff Pope

The Shave
Thomas White & Miles Hughley

Robert Spectrum

Ida Tarbell
Mark McDevitt

Taylor Allen & Andrew Logan

The Water Man
Emma Neddell

Move That Body
Lucia Aniello & Paul W Downs

The Battle Of New Orleans
Dan Kunka

Brian McMullen