EXCLUSIVE: Close to 500 film workers sign up for BFI Network x BAFTA Crew.

Bafta Crew

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Bafta and the BFI are teaming on a relaunch of Bafta Crew, the networking and career development programme for UK-based film and TV workers.

Under the new moniker BFI Network x BAFTA Crew, the initiative will expand to include writers, directors and producers who are on the way to making their first feature films.

They will join below-the-line film workers who have at least two years of broadcast or feature credits. The selection of crew is split roughly fifty-fifty between film and television personnel.

The format of the programme will remain largely the same as previous years, with participants invited to take part in masterclasses and networking events. It will be supported by Bafta and the BFI.

So far, 476 participants have been confirmed. New members of the initiative include Game Of Thrones first assistant editor Meredith Leece, Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them production supervisor Matthew Perrin, Black Mirror second AD Gemma Wright, director of Tribeca short Little Bird Georgia Oakley, and the director and producer of Sundance documentary short White Riot, Rubika Shah and Ed Gibbs.

The first event announced for this year will see Bafta-winning Under The Shadow writer-director Babak Anvari take part in an online masterclass on April 26.

2017-18 BFI Network x BAFTA Crew participants in full:

New participants for 2017-18 indicated with an asterix

Aashish Gadhvi, Environmental Assistant

Abigail Dankwa, Director*

Adam Smith, Producer*

Adam Woodhall, Producer*

Adel Sagidulina, Production Management

Adina Istrate, Director*

Adriene Whitwell, Location Scout and Assistant Location Manager

Afia Nkrumah, Director

Aisha Graham, Production Management*

Akua Obeng-Frimpong, Producer*

Al Rogers, Editing

Alan Tony Frances, Sound (Production)

Albert Testani, Production Management

Alec Rossiter, Writer*

Aleksandar Gvozdenovic Bajac, Camera

Alex Browning, Director*

Alex Metcalfe, Camera

Alex Nevill, Camera

Alex Veitch, Camera

Alexander Bodin Saphir, Director*

Alexander Parsons, Composer*

Alexandra Harwood, Composer

Alexandra Blue, Producer

Ali Mansuri, Producer*

Alice Cousins, Art Department*

Alice Grant, Producer*

Alice Seabright, Director*

Alina Tunde Papp, Art Department*

Alison Piper, Director

Alysia Wildman, Visual Effects*

Amrou Al-Kadhi, Writer*

Amy Mackelden, Writer*

Andrea Possee, Sound (Post Production)

Andrea Cuadrado, Editing

Andrej Bako, Sound (Production)*

Andrew Alderslade, Camera*

Andrew Harris, Art Department

Andrew Lancaster, Director*

Andrew Oldbury, Producer*

Andrew Cryan, Writer*

Andrew Tulloch, Director

Andrew Simon McAllister, Composer

Andy Bottomley, Art Department*

Andy Morgan, Producer

Angus Young, Camera

Ani Laurie, Director*

Ann Evelin Lawford, Camera

Anna Jancsó, Producer*

Anna Thomas, Art Department

Anna von Dziembowska, Producer*

Anna-Marie Ramm, Camera

Anne Sommerfield, Director*

Annetta Laufer, Director*

Annie Rowe CDG, Casting Director

Antony Tsoukatos, Sound (Post Production)

Anushka Naanayakkara, Director*

April Kelley, Producer*

Aris Anastassopoulos, Sound (Production)

Arturo M Antolin, Editing*

Asad Qureshi, Director

Ashley Meneely, Camera

Aurora Fearnley, Director*

Avril Evans, Director*

Avril Furness, Director*

Barbara Elum-Baldres, Costume

Ben Garfield, Director*

Ben Duncan, Visual Effects*

Benedict Turnbull, Producer*

Benjamin Bee, Director*

Benjamin Noble, Writer*

Benjamin Symons, Composer*

Benjamin Woodgates, Sound (Post Production)*

Bertil Mulvad, Camera

Beth Aynsley, Development

Bojan Brbora, Camera

Bradley Morgan Johnson, Art Department

Brashna Agha, Assistant Director

Brian J. Falconer, Producer*

Candida Scott Knight, Director*

Carlene Garvey, Production Management

Carolina Giammetta, Director*

Caroline Bridges, Camera

Carys Lewis, Director*

Catherine Slater, Producer and Personal Assistant*

Cayli Mandel-McCann, Costume*

Cecily Barber, Producer*

Charles Caselton, Editing*

Charlie Morton, Editing

Charlotte Meakin, Art Department*

Charlotte Partt, Sound (Post Production)

Cherish Oteka, Director*

Cheryl Potter, Editing*

Chiara Forestieri, Writer*

Chiara Ventura, Producer*

Chloe Fairweather, Director*

Chloe Wicks, Director*

Chor Man, Production Management*

Chris Crookall, Editing*

Chris Jones, Camera

Chris Lane, Producer*

Chris Hunter, Editing*

Chris Roach, Camera*

Christian Graham, Writer*

Christopher Barnett, Composer

Christopher Hallum, Camera*

Christopher Sharman, Camera

Christopher Manning, Director*

Claire Tailyour, Director

Claire Elizabeth Alberie, Writer*

Colin Arnold, Director

Colin Brown, Colourist*

Colin Day, Producer*

Cyrus Trafford, Director*

Damien Gray, Camera*

Dani Abram, Animation

Daniel Cleland, Producer*

Daniel Vincze, Art Department

Daniel-Konrad Cooper, Producer*

Darko Mocilnikar, Sound (Production)

Dave Sohanpal, Sound (Production)

David Braithwaite, Producer*

David Chaudoir, Director

David Lee, Camera

Dieudonnee Burrows, Producer*

Dillon Beagley, Director*

Dionisia Cirasola, Art Department

Dionne Edwards, Director*

Dionne Walker, Director*

Domenico Palomba, Camera

Dominic Tighe, Producer*

Dominic Sikking, Art Department

Dominique Unsworth, Producer*

Dominique Lecchi, Director*

Don McVey, Camera

Ed Cripps, Writer*

Ed Gibbs, Producer*

Edward Rastelli-Lewis, Production Management

Edward Price, Visual Effects

Eleanor Cotton, Editing

Elena Ruscombe-King, Writer*

Ellen Hussain, Producer*

Ellen Waddell, Director*

Ellie Bright, Editing*

Emily Dring, Producer*

Emily Morgan, Producer*

Emma Costello, Production Management*

Emma Butt, Sound (Post Production)*

Emma Hanson, Producer

Emma Whittaker, Research*

Eno Mfon, Writer*

Erick Kwashie, Production Management

Erin Large, Assistant Director

Esther Hegarty, Assistant to Producer

Eva Weber, Director*

Evelyn Franks, Editing*

Fabiola Bastianelli, Hair and Make Up

Fawzia Mahmood, Producer*

Felix Schmilinsky, Camera

Fiona Brands, Editing*

Florah Uddin, Assistant Director

Florence Kennard, Director

Frances Darvell White, Hair and Make Up

Frances Poletti, Writer*

Francesca Castelbuono, Director*

Freya Berkhout, Composer*

Gail Jenkinson, Camera

Galina Chakarova, Editing*

Garath Whyte, Camera*

Gemma Bourne, Editing*

Gemma Bates, Costume*

Gemma Wright, Assistant Director

Georgia Benjamin, Visual Effects*

Georgia Goggin, Producer*

Georgia Parris, Director*

Georgia Oakley, Director*

Georgina French, Producer*

Gilbert Townshend, Camera*

Gordon Napier, Director*

Grant Keir, Producer*

Guillaume Fradin, Director*

Hannah Bush Bailey, Producer*

Hannah Cole, Producer*

Hannah Renton, Director*

Harry Lighton, Director*

Heather Fenoughty, Sound (Post Production)*

Heidi Carmichael, Writer*

Helen Carr, Visual Effects

Helen Cogman, Production Management*

Helen Miles, Sound (Post Production)

Helen Simmons, Producer*

Helen Swanwick-Thorpe, Production Management

Helena Beeson, Editing*

Henriette Spiering, Producer*

Hollie Abbott, Development*

Holly Dean, Production Management*

Ian Forbes, Camera*

Ian Heard, Location Scout 

Ian Ravenscroft, Writer*

Ian Watts, Camera*

Ieva Sabaliauskaite, Producer

Ilaria Fulvio, Camera

Ina Remme, Producer*

Iona Smith Oliver, Costume

Irune Gurtubai, Producer*

Isabelle Sieb, Director*

Jac Clinch, Director*

Jack Pirie, Director*

Jack Benjamin Gill, Director*

Jacopo Miceli, Production Management

Jake Cullen, Producer*

Jake Graf, Director*

Jake Walker, Composer*

Jamey-Leigh Weber, Hair and Make Up

Jan Genesis, Director*

Jason Bradbury, Director*

Jeffrey Michael, Costume

Jemma Riley-Tolch, Sound (Post Production)

Jennifer Sheridan, Director*

Jessica Mitchell, Camera

Jessica Ruston, Writer*

Jessie Frost, Casting Director*

Jimmy Dean, Director*

Jo Lewis, Director*

Jo Sweeting, Hair and Make Up

Joe Kotroczo, Production Management

Joe Karimi-Nik, Production Management*

John Weeks, Editing*

Jordan Kotras, Production Management*

Joseph Dickinson, Visual Effects*

Joshua Bosley, Camera

Joss Albert, Composer

Joy Gharoro-Akpojotor, Producer*

Jules Roman, Hair and Make Up*

Julie Bills, Camera

Julie Mayhew, Writer*

Justine Barker, Composer

Karel Dolak, Editing*

Karen Kelly, Director*

Karmjit Kalla, Costume

Kate Cheeseman, Director*

Katherine Pearl, Production Management

Kathleen Davidson, Writer*

Katie Hindley, Producer*

Katie Hudson, Locations*

Katie Olds, Camera

Katie Player, Production Management

Kat Wood, Director*

Keir Burrows, Director*

Keith Weir, Art Department*

Kevin Cousineau, Sound (Post Production)*

Kieron Jansch, Camera*

Kit Jennings, Editing*

Kitty Bennett, Costume*

Kizzy Dhaliwal, Production Management*

Konstantina Markopoulou, Technical Director

Kostas Iordanou, Producer*

KT Roberts, Assistant Director

Lara Singer, Producer*

Laura Scrivano, Director*

Laura Radford, Camera

Lauren James, Production Management

Lauren Parker, Producer*

Lawrie Doran, Writer*

Leighanne Regan, Hair and Make Up*

Lewis Wardrop, Producer*

Li Gong, Director*

Liam Hobbs, Producer*

Lili Lea Abraham, Art Department

Lilly Blazewicz, Sound (Post Production)

Lindsay McGee, Producer*

Lisa Forrest, Editing

Lisa Gifford, Writer*

Lizzie Gillett, Producer*

Louis Chan, Director*

Louis Dodd, Composer*

Louise Marie Cooke, Director*

Lucy Brydon, Director*

Lucy Gaymer, Production Management*

Luke Jeffery, Director*

Lynne Davison, Director*

Macarena Montero, Assistant Director*

Madalena Hudson, Producer*

Maddie Quarm, Sound (Production)

Mal Young, Producer*

Malinda Kaur, Director*

Manuela Lupini, Editing*

Marc Hankins, Unit Stills Photographer*

Margaret McGoldrick, Producer*

Mari Yamamura, Camera

Maria Caruana Galizia, Producer*

Maria Antal, Music Department

Maria Tanjala, Production Management

Marianna Dean, Director*

Marie-Anne Fischer, Music Post-Production

Mark Boutros, Writer*

Martin Stalker, Director*

Martina Silcock, Production Management

Mary Mckeogh, Editing*

Mathieu Karsenti, Sound (Post Production)

Matt Hilton, Director*

Matt Redd, Writer*

Matthew Hopper, Director*

Matthew Lawes, Director*

Matthew Whiteside, Composer

Matthew Perrin, Visual Effects

Maxwell Alexander, Visual Effects*

May Jennifer Davies, Art Department*

Meera Thavasothy, Producer*

Mei Leng Yew, Editing

Meredith Leece, Editing*

Mhairi MacRitchie, Sound (Post Production)

Michael Achtman, Writer*

Michael Bates, Sound (Post Production)*

Michael Wilson, Producer*

Miguel E. Rebagliato, Editing*

Mike Forshaw, Director*

Mike MacLennan, Sound (Post Production)*

Milos Moore, Camera*

Moin Hussain, Director*

Morayo Akande, Writer*

Moyo Akande, Producer*

Murat Akser, Director*

Nadine Richardson, Sound (Production)

Nainita Desai, Composer*

Naomi Marvelly, Script Supervisor*

Naomi Smallwood, Editing*

Nasheed Qamar Faruqi, Director*

Natalie Teming-Amoako, Producer*

Natasha Torin, Producer

Neil Bradley, Camera

Nicholas Dalby, Visual Effects

Nick Norman-Butler, Director*

Nicola Daley, Camera

Nicola Reade, Director*

Nigel Buck, Editing

Nigel Bunyan, Editing

Nigel Mattison, Production Management

Nikki McChristie, Editing

Nimer Rashed, Director*

Nina Danon, Composer*

Noel Probyn, Camera

Noni Couell, Producer

Noor Lawson, Producer*

Nosa Eke, Director*

Nour Wazzi, Director*

Oliver Cullen, Writer*

Oliver Kember, Director*

Oliver Mason, Director*

Oscar Oldershaw, Director*

Owen Shirley, Sound (Post Production)

Paul Allen, Writer*

Paul Frankl, Director*

Paul Keyworth, Sound (Production)

Pawel Slawek, Editing*

Peter Stewart, Editing

Peter Lee Scott, Director*

Philip Kelly, Director*

Philip Stevens, Director*

Philippe Audi-Dor, Director*

Phoebe Newman, Costume*

Polly Rose, Editing

Rachael Gordon, Visual Effects

Rachael Hallum, Hair and Make Up

Rachel Lennon, Hair and Make Up*

Rachel Durance, Editing

Rachel Erskine, Editing

Rachel Heywood, Producer*

Rebecca Lloyd, Editing

Rachel McAdam, Writer*

Rebecca Tredget, Costume

Rebecca Brand, Director*

Rebecca Mitchell, Costume*

Regan Hall, Director*

Rene Pannevis, Director*

Renzo Garcia, Sound (Production)

Reuben Armstrong, Director*

Richard Addlesee, Director*

Richard Smither, Editing

Richard Turley, Director*

Rick Mcleod, Camera

Ricky Milling, Editing

Riyadh Haque, Director*

Robbie Gibbon, Editing

Robin Green, Sound (Post Production)

Robin Schlochtermeier, Sound (Post Production)

Robyn Barresi, Assistant Director

Roger Evans, Production Management*

Roque Cameselle, Director*

Ros Gilman, Composer*

Rosie Westhoff, Director

Rubika Shah, Director*

Ruka Johnson, Costume*

Rupert Peddle, Camera*

Ruth Grimberg, Director*

Ryan Hooper, Director*

Saffron Powell, Hair and Make Up

Sam Baron, Director*

Sam Johnson, Director*

Sam Jones, Composer & Orchestrator*

Sam Morris, Camera

Sam Thompson, Composer*

Sam Thornton, Assistant Director

Sam Tipper-Hale, Producer*

Samantha Price, Producer*

Samantha Rhodes, Editing*

Samuel Dore, Unit Stills Photographer

Samuel Pegg, Composer*

Samuell Benta, Producer*

Sara Huxley, Producer*

Sarah Agha, Production Management*

Sarah Courtauld, Writer*

Sarah McConville, Production Management*

Savannah James-Bayly, Producer*

Savvas Stavrou, Director*

Scott Edwards, Editing

Scout Stuart, Writer*

Selena Cunningham, Producer*

Shibbir Ahmed, Camera

Shwan Nosratpour, Director*

Sian Fever, Editing

Simona Susnea, Camera*

Simon Dymond, Director*

Simon Quinn, Producer*

Simon Starling, Editing

Simon Lord, Writer*

Simon Rowling, Camera

Simon Underwood, Writer*

Simon Whitcombe, Editing*

Simone Macdonald, Hair and Make Up

Siobhán Daly, Producer

Siona Davis, Producer

Smitha Kalkuzhi, Production Management

Sophie Alexander, Production Management*

Sophie King, Director*

Sophie Halton, Production Management

Sophie Peacock, Production Management*

Sorcha Bacon, Producer*

Stacey Cain, Colourist*

Stefan Haselwimmer, Writer*

Stephen Brand, Camera*

Stephen Casey, Writer*

Steve Simmons, Art Department

Steve Thomas, Sound (Production)

Steven Cameron Ferguson, Camera*

Stuart Learmonth, Assistant Director

Sucharita Ghosh Stephenson, Producer*

Sven Werner, Director*

Svetlana Miko, Camera*

Tabitha Quitman, Art Department*

Tania Freimuth, Camera

Tessa Morgan, Director*

Thabo Mhlatshwa, Writer*

Theo Cowen, Editing*

Theodore Clark, Camera*

Thomas Blazukas, Sound (Post Production)*

Thomas Wade, Camera

Tim Morrish, Composer*

Timothy Marrinan, Director*

Toa Stappard, Director*

Toby Knowles, Sound (Post Production)*

Tom Betts, Producer*

Tom Kimberley, Producer*

Tom Wood, Producer*

Tommy Boulding, Editing*

Tonia Vernava, Hair and Make Up*

Trace Taylor, Editing

Vanessa Caswill, Director*

Vanessa Preuss, Costume

Vanessa Ford, Producer*

Vera Simmonds, Editing*

Vicki Kisner, Director*

Vijay Varu, Director*

Virginia Heath, Director*

Will Adams, Director*

Will Webb, Director*

William McGregor, Director*

Yaw Basoah, Producer*

Yiannis Manolopoulos, Camera

Yixi Sun, Director*

Zoe Davis, Director