Source: Courtesy Warner Bros. Pictures


Warner Bros’ Barbie continues to dazzle and earned $58.1m at the global box office on Monday to propel the worldwide running total to $414.4m.

Greta Gerwig’s meta comedy starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling stands at $226.3m internationally following a $32m Monday, and $188.1m in North America after the first day of the week brought in $26.1m.

In Europe Barbie generated the best Monday ever for a Warner Bros release in 19 territories, including Italy, Spain, Poland, Portugal, Holland, and Norway. Only Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban grossed more in the UK and that film opened on a Monday.

The other record Monday territories are Bulgaria, Estonia, Lithuania, Norway, Romania, Latvia, Finland, Cyprus, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Slovenia, Serbia, and Ukraine.

Latest figures put the UK on $29.3m after a $5.2m Monday gross; Mexico on $26.2m ($3.3m); Brazil on $20.6m ($2.8m); Australia on $16m ($1.4m); France on $11.8m ($1.7m); China on $11m ($2.8m); Italy on $10.5m ($1.7m); and Spain on $9.2m ($1.4m).