The Spanish boix office enjoyed a boost later int he year from a string of local films, including Agora, Planet 51 and Cell 211, as well as the Avatar juggernaut.

The $80m English-language historical epic Agora was the surprise hit of the year, grossing $30m despite mixed reviews thanks to the reputation of director Alejandro Amenabar and an agressive marketing campaign from producer Telecino and local distributor 20th Century Fox.

Meanwhile, Vertice 360° merged it distribution entities, Notro and Manga, into a single outfit called Vertice Cine in a move away from niche product into high-profile international titles including titles including recent pick-ups The Baster, Mother & Child and Last Night.

Spain: Top 5 Films 2009
Title (origin)DistributorGross
Up (US)Walt Disney SMPI$36m
Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs (US)20th Fox$31.3m
Agora (Sp-US)20th Fox$30.3m
The Twilight Saga: New Moon (US)Aurum/Alliance$28.4m
Avatar (US)20th Fox$27.8m*

*As of Dec 31 still on release. Source: Rentrack EDI

Spain: Top 5 Local Films 2009
Title (origin)DistributorGross
Agora (Sp)Walt Disney SMPI$36m
Planet 51 (Sp-US-UK)DeAPlaneta$14.5m*
Cell 211 (Sp-Fr)PPI$12.7m*
Brain Drain (Sp)20th Fox$10m
Spanish Movie (Sp)20th Fox$9.8m*

*As of Dec 31 still on release. Source: Rentrack EDI

Spain: Top 10 DVD Film Rental Chart 2009
Title (origin)DistributorUnits rented
Ex (It)Notro Films114,404
Los Muertos Van Deprisa (Sp)Artematica114,403
Year One (US)SPHE114,372
The Ugly Truth (US)SPHE114,327
The Taking Of Pelham 123 (US)SPHE114, 326
Disgrace (Aus-S Afr)Cameo114,323
Antichrist (Den-Ger-Fr-Swe-It-PolCameo114,321
Land Of The Lost (US)Universal Pictures Iberia)114,227
Public Enemies (US)Universal Pictures Iberia)114,226
Drag Me To Hell (US)Universal Pictures Iberia)114,225


Foreign Releases 2009
Title (origin)DistributorGross
Slumdog Millionaire (UK)Filmax$15.1m
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (Den-Ger-Swe)Vertigo$13.4m
The Girl Who Played With Fire (Den-Ger-Swe)Vertigo$7.6m
District 9 (US-NZ-S AfrSPRI$7.1m
Vicky The Viking (Ger)Aurum$4.9m
Welcome To The Sticks (Fr)Wanda$4.8m
Lily The Witch: The Dragon And The Magic Book (Ger-It-Aus)Disney SMPI$3.3m
The Class (Fr)Golem$1.8m
Let The Right One In (Swe)Karma$1.3m
Mid-August Lunch (It)Alta$1.2m

Source: Rentrack EDI