FIAPF is responsible for accrediting high-end film festivals.

Florence Girot

The International Federation of Film Producers’ Associations (FIAPF) has hired Florence Girot to the position of festivals director.

The FIAPF is a collective of 38 film producers’ associations from around the globe. In addition to representing produces in policy debates, the organisation also acts as a regulator for international film festivals, with around 50 festivals receiving FIAPF accreditation for competitive and non-competitive strands.

In her new role, Girot will represent FIAPF at film festivals, and will oversee and maintain the FIAPF accreditation process.

Girot previously served as the artistic director of the International Festival of Audiovisual Productions in Biarritz, France, for nine years before co-founding FIPA’s industry wing and heading that up for five years.

She was previously general secretary of the Association of Audiovisual Production’s TV Creation Day, and a project manager for Cannes Film Festival’s ACID programme.

Girot joined FIAPF this month, she reports to managing director Benoit Ginisty.