NAFF Project Market 2022

Source: BIFAN

BIFAN’s NAFF Project Market

South Korea’s Bucheon International Film Festival (Bifan), Asia’s largest genre film festival, has revealed 29 titles from 18 countries for this year’s Network of Asian Fantastic Films (NAFF) project market.

The 17 titles selected for the It Project strand include Biraa from Taiwanese writer/director Bhaskar Hazarika, whose transgressive love story Ravening played Tribeca in 2019.

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NAFF received 279 submissions from 40 countries, up nearly 30% from 217 projects in 2022. One-to-one meetings will take place with producers, investors, and distributors from June 30 to July 3.

This year, NAFF will expand its support for international projects by teaming with overseas film festivals and institutions such as Spain’s Sitges Film Festival and Argentina’s Blood Window as well as Japan’s Visual Industry Promotion Organization (VIPO), Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA) and the Taipei Film Commission. Japan has been selected for this year’s Projct Spotlight section

Previous NAFF projects include Malaysia’s Tiger Stripes, which was an It Project in 2019 and last week won the grand prize of the Cannes Critics’ Week sidebar. Two It Project titles from 2020 include In My Mother’s Skin, which was invited to the Midnight Section of this year’s Sundance, and Marry My Dead Body, which was released theatrically in Korea last May..

The 27th Bifan is set to run June 29 to July 9.

NAFF Project Market 2023

It Project

Angel Number (S Kor)
Dir. KIM Taekyung
Pro. Andy Yoon

Biraa (Tai)
Dir. Bhaskar Hazarika
Pro. Shyam Bora

Booked (Thai)
Dirs. Vutichai Wongnophadol, Lertsiri Boonmee
Pro. Sathanapong Limwongthong

Forte (S Kor)
Dir. SON Heuisong
Pros. KIM Kimbo, LEE Dajeong

The Grotesque Train (S Kor)
Dir. TAK Sewoong
Pro. KWON Jiyong

Idiot Girls And School Ghost (S Kor)
Dir. KIM Minha
Pro. PARK Sejoon

Lake Of Stars (Camb)
Dir. Jake Wachtel
Pros. Visal Sok, Mary Olsen

Maiden Home (S Kor-Indo)
Dir. SINN Kirin
Pros. Thim Kian Cheng, Saurav Ghimire, Grégoire Graesslin

Operation Undead (Thai-Sing)
Dir. Kongkiat Ng
Pros. Charlyn Ng, Piyaluck Mahatahasab

Out Of Nowhere (Tai)
Dir. LI Yuchiao
Pro. CHIANG Hui Lan

Parasomnia (Indo)
Dir. Rafki Hidayat
Pro. Kevin Rahardjo

The Passport (Malay)
Dir. Ananth Subramaniam
Pro. Bel Choo Mun

Please Bear With Me (Phil)
Dir. Gabriela Serrano
Pro. Gale Osorio, Keith Deligero

The Poison Cat (HK)
Dir. GUAN Tian
Pros. Vivian Bao, DING Ningyuan

Sesame Has Its Soul (Viet-S Kor)
Dir. Oscar Duong
Pro. Hang Trinh

The Shadows (Tai)
Dir. Lingo Hsieh
Pro. Jackol Kao

Show Me The Liver (S Kor)
Dir. KIM Jeongho
Pro. SON Seunghyeon

NAFF Project Spotlight: Japan

The Demon
Dir. WATANABE Hirobumi

Dir. SAKUMA Keisuke
Pro. HAYASHI Kentaro

The Night Has A Thousand Eyes
Dir. TAKAHASI Hiroshi
Pro. FURUYAMA Tomomi

The Shadows In Tokyo
Dir. KUMAKIRI Kazuyoshi
Pro. MATSUDA Hiroko

A Woman In Flames
Dir. NAKAGAWA Natsuki
Pro. OGAWA Shinji

Nordic Genre Invasion

Highway Of Death (Nor-Fin)
Dir. Pål Øie
Pro. Einar Loftesnes

Kraken (Nor)
Dir. Pål Øie
Pros. John Einar Hagen, Einar Loftesnes

Mourning Time (Nor)
Dir. Saara Saarela
Pros. Mark Lwoff, Misha Jaari

Planet (Nor)
Dir. Fredrik S. Hana
Pro. Julia Joner

Blood Window

Plasma (Chile)
Dir. Daniel Aspillaga
Pro. Paulina Ferreti

Sitges FanPitch

Rain Catcher (Bel)
Dir. Michele Fiascaris
Pro. Filippo Polesel

Cannes Fantastic 7

The Fin (S Kor)
Dir. PARK Syeyoung
Pro. OH Heejung