Genre festivals to attend in support of Iberoamerican selections.

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The fourth Edition of the Blood Window Gala will run at the Marché du Film from May 19-22 and features a range of projects.

The showcase will present recent films from Ibero-America with the support of directors and programmers from Sitges, International Fantastic Film Festival from Catalonia, Mexico’s Morbido Fest, and Bifan in South Korea.

Upcoming Fantastic Films will show a selection of projects in development and titles include Los Olvidados (Argentina) from brothers Luciano and Nicolás Onetti, and Buenos Aires-set Necronomicon, The Book From Hell (Argentina) by Marcelo Schapces.

The roster features Infection (Venezuela-Mexico) by Flavio Pedota, Trauma (Chile) from Lucio Rojas, Belzebuth (Mexico) from Emiliano Portes; In Un Giorno La Fine (Italy) from Daniele Misischia; and Menéndez (Spain) from Santiago Alvarado.

Screenings include Hypersomnia (Argentina), the second film by Gabriel Grieco, Our Evil (Brazil) by Samuel Galli, and Jimena Monteoliva’s first film Clementine (Argentina) starring Cecilia Cartasegna, Emiliano Carrazone and Susana Varela.

Blood Window is the platform that promotes Latin American genre talent and is backed by Argentina’s national film institute INCAA.