Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen's performance as Le Chiffre in Casino Royale, and his role in Danish director Susanne Bier's Oscar-nominated After the Wedding, have certainly added to his international bankability, per ceo of Stockholm-based NonStop Sales, Michael Werner.

Swedish director Peter Lindmark's Mikkelsen starrer, Exit, has now sold German-speaking countries (Galileo Medien), French-speaking territoires (Ninetyseven) and China (Edko Films), with deals pending for Poland, Russia and Japan.

At Berlin China's HGC Entertainment signed for his two animated kidpics, Finnish director Riina Hyytiä's The Emperor's Secret, Swedish director Magnus Carlsson's Desmond & The Swamp Barbarian Trap, as well as Lindmark's 2003 thriller, At Point Blank.

India's Nirvana also purchased Hyytiä and Carlsson's films, adding children's titles, Valhalla and Gurin with the Foxtail, from the NonStop catalogue. Icelandic director Björn Br Björnsson's thriller, Cold Trail, was licensed to German broadcaster ZDF.