DENMARK - January 19


(Wise Guy Productions) Co-prod: Zentropa Productions. Budget: Euros 1.1m. Dist: Sandrew Metronome (Den). Youth drama about two friends' attempt to get out of their miserable life in the concrete ghetto by robbing the local superDenmarket. Exec prod: Peter Aalbaek Jensen. Prod: Thomas Stegler. Dir/scr: Stefano Gonzalez. Main cast: Oliver Bjerrehus, Robert Hansen, Sofie Lassen Kalhke, Jens Joern Spottag, Bjarne Henriksen. Shoots in 2004.
Contact: Wise Guy Productions, Thomas Stegler, (45) 36 86 87 16

(Wise Guy Productions) Co-prods:Scanbox, Zentropa. Budget: Euros 1.2m. Dist: Angel/Scanbox. Psychological thriller. Exec prods: Mads Peter Ole Olsen, Peter Aalbaek Jensen, Joergen Kristiansen. Prod: Thomas Stegler. Dir: Martin Schmidt. Scr: Dennis Jurgensen. Cast: Helle Fragalid, Henning Jensen, Paw Christensen, Anne Karin Ketcher, Jacob Cedergren. Shooting from Mar 3 until Apr 18, 2004 in Copenhagen.
Contact: Wise Guy Productions, Thomas Stegler, (45) 36 86 87 16

(Grasten Film) Budget: DKR25.5m. Backers: Danish Film Institute, TV2/Denmark, Buena Vista Scan. Family drama in two parts, The Family and Lost Generations, based on four best-selling novels by Christian Kampmann. Prod: Regner Grasten. Dir: Charlotte Sachs Bostrup. Scr: Ib Kastrup. Shoots for 12 weeks from Mar 29, 2004.
Contact: Grasten Film, Regner Grasten, (45) 39 63 44 24

(Nordisk Film) Co-prod: Danish Broadcasting Corporation. Budget: Euros 5.33m. Backers: Danish Film Institute, HCA 2005 Foundation, Nordic Film & TV Fund. Int'l sales: Nordisk Film International Sales. Dist: Nordisk Film. A powerful, modern film set in a historical framework about the crucial encounter between 18-year-old Hans Christian Andersen and Meisling, the cynical school principal, an encounter that fundamentally transforms Hans Christian's life. Exec prods: Erik Crone, Kim Magnusson. Prod: Tina Dalhoff. Co-prods: Ditte Christiansen, Ingolf Gabold. Dir: Rumle Hammerich. Scr: Ulf Stark. DoP: Nicolaj Bruel. Ed: Camilla Skousen. Prod des: Peter de Neergaard. Cost des: Manon Rasmussen. Hair/make-up: Marlin Birch. Cast: tba. Shooting in Denmark from Mar 17 until June10, 2004.
Contact: Nordisk Film International Sales, Susan Wendt, (45) 33 26 67 00

(Zentropa Entertainments13) Co-prods: Ognong Pictures/ Liberator 2SARL (Fr), Memfis International, Trollhattan (Swe), Pain Unlimited (Ger), Manderlay LTD/Zoma Films LTD (UK), Isabella Films International/Something Else BV (Neth). Budget: $12m. Int'l sales: Trust Film Sales. Dist: Nordisk Film. Drama set in the American south. Prod: Vibeke Windeloev. Dir/scr: Lars von Trier. DoP: Anthony Dod Mantle. Ed: Molly Stensgaard. Prod des: Peter Grant. Cost des: Manon Rasmussen. Hair/make-up: Pascale Bouquiere. Cast: Bryce Dallas Howard. Shooting in Trolhattan, Sweden from Mar 2004.
Contact: Trust Film Sales, Annakarin Stroem, (45) 36 86 87 88

(M&M Productions) Budget: DKR16m. Backer: Danish Film Institute. Action thriller. Prod: Tivi Magnusson. Dir: Peter Flinth. Scr: Stefan Jaworski. Main cast: Soeren PilDenmark. Shooting from spring 2004 in Denmark.
Contact: M&M Productions (45) 7020 3080

(M&M Productions) Budget: DKR18m. Backers: Danish Film Institute, DRTV. Family/adventure/thriller. Prods: Mie Andreasen, Tivi Magnusson. Dir: Kaspar Barfoed. Scr: Soren Frellesen. Main cast: tba. Shooting summer 2004 in Denmark.
Contact: M&M Productions, (45) 7020 3080

(Moviefan Scan) Co-prods: High Wire Entertainment (Can), Long Range Films (UK). Budget: $8m. Thriller about a defence lawyer on a losing streak who looses one too many clients to death row. He starts to correspond with convicts on death row and falls in love with one of them. Exec prods: Michael H Laursen, Peter H Laursen. Prods: Michael Lunderskov. Dir: Bille August. Scr: Neal Purvis, Robert Wade.
Contact: Moviefan Scan / Michael Lunderskov (45) 22 24 22 10

(M&M Productions) Budget: DKR5m. Backer: Danish Film Institute. Youth film. Exec prod: Tivi Magnusson. Prod: Mie Andreasen. Dir/scr: Tzara Tristana. Shooting from summer 2004 in Denmark.
Contact: M&M Productions, (45) 7020 3080

(M&M Productions) Budget: DKR15m. Backer: Danish Film Institute. Drama. Prod: Tivi Magnusson. Dir/scr: Anders Thomas Jensen. Shooting from May 2004 in Denmark.
Contact: M&M Productions, (45) 7020 3080


(Zentropa Entertainments14) Co-prod: Sigma Films (UK). Budget: DKR19m. Backers: Danish Film Institute, DR TV, Nordic Film- & TV Fund. Int'l sales: Trust Film Sales. Dist: Nordisk Film (Scan). Drama about two brothers. Co-prods: Gillian Berrie. Prods: Peter Aalbaek Jensen, Sisse Graum Olsen. Dir: Susanne Bier. Scr: Anders Thomas Jensen. DoP: Morten Soeborg. Ed: Pernille Bech Christensen. Prod des: Viggo Bentzon. Cost des: Signe Sejlund. Hair/make-up: Anne-Cathrine Sauerberg, Charlotte Laustsen. Main cast: Connie Nielsen, Ulrich Thomsen, Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Bent Mejding, Solbjoerg Hoejfeldt. Shooting in Denmark from Nov 10, 2003 until Jan 17, 2004.
Contact: Annakarin Strom, Trust Film Sales, (45) 36 86 87 88

(Nordisk Film Production) Int'l sales: Nordisk Film International Sales. Dist: Nordisk Film. A psychological thriller, which follows a sympathetic family father and swimming instructor, whose life collapses when he suddenly is accused of a serious crime. Prod: Thomas Heinesen. Dir: Jacob Thuesen. Scr: Kim Fupz Aakeson. Main cast: Sofie Grabol, Troels Lyby. Kirstine Rosenkrands Mikkelsen. Shoots from Dec 8 in Copenhagen.
Contact: Thomas Heinesen, Nordisk Film Production, (45) 36 18 82 00

(Blenkov & Schoennemann) Backer: Danish Film Institute. Int'l sales: Nordisk Film International Sales. Dist: Nordisk Film. Family drama. Prods: Malene Blenkov, Michel Schoennemann. Dir: Jacob Groenlykke. Scr: Jacob Groenlykke, Mogens Rukov. Main Cast: Jens Okking, Birthe Neumann, Sonja Richter, Kim Bodnia. Shooting from Nov3 - Dec19 in Paris, Germany, Israel and Denmark.
Contact: Blenkov & Schoennemann, (45) 36 18 84 00

(Nordisk Film Production) Co-prod: A Film. Budget: Euros 1.3m. Backers: Danish Film Institute, TV2/Denmark. Int'l sales: Nordisk Film International Sales. Dist: Nordisk Film Distribution. A politically incorrect 3D animation-suspense-comedy about sixth grade Terkel and his friends. Prods: Thomas Heinesen, Trine Heidegaard. Dir: Stefan FjeldDenmark, Thorbjoern Christoffersen, Kresten Vestbjerg Andersen. Scr: Mette Heeno based on a story by Anders Matthesen. Main cast: Anders Matthesen (all voices). Shooting from Sep1 2003 until autumn 2004.
Contact: Thomas Heinesen, Nordisk Film, (45) 36 18 83 18


(Innocent Pictures, Zentropa) Co-prod: Wise Guy Productions. Budget: DKK1m. Int'l sales: Innocent Pictures. Dist: Erotic Media (Ger), Wicked Pictures (USA, Canada). Erotic romantic comedy, Girl meets boy - girl loses boy - girl gets boy - Maybe. Exec prods: Peter Aalbæk Jensen, Claus Sorensen, Nicolas Barbano. Prods: Marcella Lindstad. Co-prods: Thomas Stegler. Dir: Jessica Nilsson. Scr: Anja & Lotte. Main cast: Gry Bay.
Contact: Nicolas Barbano, Innocent Pictures, (45) 36 78 00 55.

(Angel Productions) Budget: DKK13.2m. Backers: Danish Film Institute, TV2/Denmark. Dist: Angel Distribution (Den). Comedy about petty crook Willy, who after he gets paroled decides to revive his old band to prove to his eight-year-old son that he isn't a failure. Exec prods: Poul Erik Lindeborg, Mogens Glad. Prods: Peter Bech. Dir: Jesper W Nielsen. Scr: Kim Fupz Aakeson. DoP: Erik Zappon. Prod design: Thomas Ravn. Costume Designer: Ingrid Soe. Ed: Morten Giese. Music: Halfdan E, Jacob Binzer. Main cast: Thomas Bo Larsen, Lene Maria Christensen, Henrik Noel Olesen, Jimmy Joergensen, Al Agami. Shot in Copenhagen from Nov 3 until Dec 19.
Contact: Peter Bech, Angel Film, (45) 35 85 03 30

(Lucky Punch) Co-prods: Pain Unlimited GmBH (Ger), Liberator2 Sarl/Slot Machine Sarl (Fr), Dear Wendy Ltd (UK). Budget: Euro6.9m. Backers: Danish Film Institute, TV2/Denmark, Filmstiftung, Nordic Film- & TV Fund, SVT (Swe), Canal+, Arte France Cinema (Fr), Arte ZDF (Ger). Int'l sales: Trust Film Sales. Drama set in a small mining village in the US that tells about a group of young outsiders, who form a pacifistic group with a dangerous infatuation with guns. Exec prods: Peter Aalbaek Jensen, Birgitte Hald, Peter Garde, Vibeke Windeloev. Co-prods: Bettina Brokemper, Marianne Slot, Gillian Berrie. Prods: Sisse Graum Olsen. Dir: Thomas Vinterberg. Scr: Lars von Trier. DoP: Anthony Dod Mantle. Ed: Mikkel E.G. Nielsen. Prod design: Jette Lehmann, Karl Juliusson. Make-up: Pascale Bouquiere. Costume design: Annie Périer. Sound design: Ray Beckett. Main cast: Jamie Bell, Chris Owen, Mark Webber, Michael Angarano, Danso Gordon, Alison Pill, Bill Pullman. Shot in Denmark and Germany from Sept 2003.
Contact: Annakarin Stroem, Trust Film Sales, (45) 36 86 87 88

(Endaxi Film) Budget: DKR10.2m. Backers: Sandrew Metronome. Dist: Sandrew Metronome. Action comedy about a middle-aged police officer working the streets of Copenhagen his own way surrounded by a gang of small time crocks. But it isn't all kinds of trouble he can get them out of. Exec prod: Henrik Moeller-Soerensen. Prod: Nina Lyng. Co-prods: Lasse Spang-Olsen, Kim Bodnia. Dir: Lasse Spang-Olsen. Scr: Lasse Spang-Olsen, Kim Bodnia. Cast: Kim Bodnia, Rene Dif, Jens Okking, Nicolas Bro, Iben Hjejle, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. Shot from Oct 20 - Nov 28 2003 in Copenhagen.
Contact: Nina Lyng, Endaxi Film, (45) 3916 9928

(Wise Guy Productions) Co-prod: Zentropa. Budget: $1.5m. Four Elvis-impersonators tour Las Vegas, hoping to hit the big-time. They sing and play like crap, but one person digs their sound: the Devil. Exec prod: Peter Aalbaek Jensen. Prods: Thomas Stegler, Mette Sandvig, Jacob Holm. Dir: Shaky Gonzàlez. Scr: Shaky Gonzalez, Larz C Detlefsen. Main cast: Thomas Bo Larsen, Melanie ise, nis Dean, Shaun Rana, Sammi Dahr. Shot in Las Vegas, USA.
Contact: Thomas Stegler, Wise Guy Productions, (45) 3686 8716

(Nimbus Film) Co-prod: Zentropa Entertainments5. Budget: DKK16.8m. Backers: Danish Film Institute, TV2/Denmark, Nordic Film- & TV Fund, Filmgear. Int'l sales: Trust Film Sales. Dist: Nordisk Film (Scan). Political thriller about a young journalist who witnesses a brutal struggle for power in the Midparty's ranks - a struggle for power that coincides with the party's charismatic leader's involvement in a near fatal car accident. Exec prod: Bo Ehrhardt. Prod: Meta Louise Foldager. Dir: Nikolaj Arcel. Scr: Nikolaj Arcel, Rasmus Heisterberg based on a novel by Niels Krause Kjaer. DoP: Rasmus Videbaek. Ed: Mikkel EG Nielsen. Prod design: Niels Sejer. Make-up: Kamille Bjerglind. Costume design: Helle Nielsen. Main cast: Anders W Berthelsen, Soeren PilDenmark, Nicholas Bro, Lars Mikkelsen, Nastja Arcel. Shot in Copenhagen from Sept 11 until Nov 13.
Contact: Meta Louise Foldager, Nimbus Film, (45) 3634 0910

(Zentropa Real) Budget: Euro 470.000. Backers: Danish Film Institute, Nordic Film & TV Fund. Int'l sales: Trust Film Sales. Feature documentary which, with exclusive permission from the Vatican State and consultation with the Gregoriana University in Rome, shows extraordinary footage of miracles and the people who experience them. Exec prod: Peter Aalbaek Jensen. Prod: Carsten Holst. Dir: Lene Staehr, Alec Due. Scr: Lene Staehr, Niels Christian Hvidt. Main cast: John and Jackie Snide, Audrey Santo, Myrna Nazzour, Julia Kim, Christina Gallagher. Shot from 2001 to 2003 in USA, Syria, Bosnia, Italy and Denmark.
Contact: Carsten Holst, Zentropa Real, (45) 36 86 87 88

(Fine & Mellow Productions) Co-prods: Ugly Duckling Film Ltd. (UK), Nordisk Film. Budget: DKR21m. Backers: Danish Film Institute, DRTV, Matrix Film Finance (UK). Int'l sales: Nordisk Film International Sales. Dist: Nordisk Film (Scan). Melodrama about a bored housewife who joins an uninspired local church choir, but one day, as an act of God, face a famous African-American choir leader and Baptist preacher. Prods: Thomas Gammeltoft, Lene Bausager. Dir: Hella Joof. Scr: Lotte Andersen, Jannik Johansen. Main cast: Lotte Andersen, Ditte Graaboel, Malik Yoba. Shot in Denmark and Sweden from Oct 2003.
Contact: Thomas Gammeltoft, Fine & Mellow Productions, (45) 3618 8500

(Nordisk Film Production) Budget: Euro2m. Backers: Danish Film Institute, DR TV. Int'l sales: Nordisk Film International Sales. Dist: Nordisk Film. Multiplot drama comedy giving a portrait of contemporary Denmark. Prod: Monica Steenberg. Dir: Lotte Svendsen. Scr: Lotte Svendsen, Elith Nulle Nykjaer. Main cast: Helle Dolleris, Waage Sandoe, Kirsten Lehfeldt, Dan Zahle, Claus Ryskjaer. Shotg from Nov 3 until Dec 15 in Copenhagen.
Contact: Monica Steenberg, Nordisk Film, (45) 36 18 86 58

(Bald Film) Co-prods: Zentropa, Mainstream, Bob Film (Swe), Radar Film, DR, Nordisk Film (Nor), Sandrew Metronome. Budget: DKR29m. Backers: Danish Film Institute, Norwegian Film Fund, Swedish Film Institute, Nordic Film- & TV Fund, DR, Sandrew Metronome. Int'l sales: Trust Film Sales. Dist: Sandrew Metronome (Scan). Fantasy puppet movie. Prod: Niels Bald. Dir: Anders R Klarlund. Scr: Naja Marie Aidt, Anders R. Klarlund. Prod des: Svend Wickman. Shot in Copenhagen from Aug 4 until Nov 3 2003.
Contact: Annakarin Stroem, Trust Film Sales, (45) 36 86 87 88

(Nordisk Film Production) Budget: DKR14m. Backers: Danish Film Institute, DRTV. Int'l sales: Nordisk Film International Sales. Dist: Nordisk Film (Den). Drama about a married couple who looses their child, but find different ways to deal with it. Exec prod: Rumle Hammerich. Prods: Thomas Heinesen. Dir: Paprika Steen. Scr: Kim Fupz Aakeson. Main cast: Mikael Birkkjaer, Soeren PilDenmark, Sofie Graaboel, Lena Endre, Karen-Lise Mynster, Laura Christensen. Shot in Copenhagen from Aug11 - Sept 26.
Contact: Thomas Heinesen, Nordisk Film Production, (45) 36 18 83 18

(Nimbus Film) Co-prod: Zentropa Entertainments5. Budget: DKR12m. Backers: Danish Film Institute, DR, Nordic Film & TV Fund, SVT. Int'l sales: Trust Film Sales. Dist: Nordisk Film (Den). Drama based an original idea by Hans Petter Blad. Exec prod: Bo Ehrhardt. Prod: Sidsel Kron Breck. Dir: Linda Krogsoe Holmberg. Scr: Linda Krogsoe Holmberg, Stefan Jaworski. DoP: Aril Wretblad. Ed: Anders Villadsen. Prod design: Thomas Ravn. Make-up: Mai-Britt Haurholm. Costume design: Francoise Nicolet. Music: Strip Club Junkies and others. Sound design: Peter Schultz, Jens Boending. Main cast: Frederik Paarup, Julie Carlsen, Anders W. Berthelsen, Sara Olsen, Troels Lyby. Shot in Copenhagen.
Contact: Annekarin Stroem, Trust Film Sales, (45) 36868788

(Clausen Film) Backers: Danish Film Institute. Dist: Sandrew Metronome (Den). Drama about a troubled father and son relationship. Prod/dir/scr: Erik Clausen. Main cast: Erik Clausen, Frits Helmuth, Sonja Richter, Sidse Babett Knudsen, Soren Westerberg Bendtsen. Shot in Copenhagen.
Contact: Erik Clausen, Clausen Film, (45) 33 21 19 68

(Zeitgeiset) Co-prod: Zentropa. Budget: $1m. Backers: TV2/Denmark, Scanbox. Dist: Scanbox (Scan). Int'l sales: Trust Film Sales. youth film about football. Exec Prod: Mads Olsen, Jorgen Kristiansen. Prods: Soren Juul Petersen. Dir: Martin Hagbjer. Scr: Morten Dragsted. DoP: Lars Beyer. Main cast: Lars Bom, Bjarne Henriksen, Camilla Bendix, Claus Bue, Susanne Storm. Shot from Oct 8 to Nov 28 2003 in Copenhagen.
Contact: Zeitgeist, Soren Juul Petersen, (45) 36 86 87 47



(MRP Matila Rohr Productions) Budget: Euros 2.3m. Backers: Finnish Film Foundation, Media II, YLE1, SVT (Swe), Nordic Film & TV Fund. Int'l sales: Nordisk Film International Sales. Dist: Columbia Tristar Nordisk Film (Scan). Drama about an old Finnish man who returns to Sweden to bury the woman who took care of him during the war. He confronts his memories from the past, learns to understand his life's turning points, to forgive and to love for the first time in his life. Prod: Ilkka Matila. Dir: Klaus Haro. Scr: Veikko Aaltonen, Jimmy Karlsson, Kirsi Wikman, based on the novel by Heikki Hietamies. Shooting in Turku Finland and Skane Sweden from spring 2004.
Contact: Matila Rohr Productions, (358) 95407820

(Blind Spot Pictures) Co-prod: Fu Works (Neth). Budget: Euro1.7m. Backers: Finnish Film Foundation, Sandrew Metronome. Dist: Sandrew Metronome (Scan), A-Film (Benelux). Kung-fu-fantasy-comedy about a Finn who discovers kung fu while investigating his own death 5,000 years earlier in China. Exec prod: San Fu Maltha. Prods: Tero Kaukomaa, Petri Jokiranta. Dir: AJ Annila. Scr: Iiro Kuttner. Shooting in Tampere and Lappland in Mar 2004.
Contact: Tero Kaukomaa, Blind Spot Pictures, (358) 400 709430

(Kinotar) Budget: Euros 1.1m. Backers: Finnish Film Foundation, YLE 1. Dist: FS-Film (Fin). Drama about a man who tries to get his family back at any cost after his wife has left him. As he tries everything to reach his goal he also goes deeper into his own world. Based on a best-selling novel by Kari Hotakainen.Prod: Lasse Saarinen. Dir/scr: Veikko Aaltonen.
Contact: Lasse Saarinen, (358) 9 135 1864

(Perfecto Films) Co-prods: Box Film & TV (Ger), All-Film (Est). Budget: Euro3.5m. Backers: Finnish Film Foundation, Estonian Film Foundation. English-language action-drama about a teenage boy who accidentally saves the lives of three Chechen agents in Tallinn and is caught in an intricate web of adventure, violence, love and betrayal. Prods: Johannes Lassila, Philipp Homberg. Dir: Hannu Salonen. Scr: Katrin Laur, Mart Kivastik. Shooting from Aug-Oct 2004 in Tallinn and Stockholm.
Contact: Johannes Lassila, Perfecto Films, (358) 400 889 155

NORTHERN SKY (Pohjoinen Taivas)
(Perfecto Films) Budget: Euro2m. Backers: Finnish Film Foundation. youth-drama-comedy. Prods: Johannes Lassila. Dir: Joona Tena. Scr: Kauko Royhka, Joona Tena. Shooting from autumn 2004 in Helsinki, Northern Finland and Northern Norway.
Contact: Johannes Lassila, Perfecto Films, (358) 400 889 155

(MRP Matila Rohr Productions) Budget: Euro4-6m. Backers: Finnish Film Foundation. Animated children's film based on the popular characters. Prods: Ilkka Matila, Marko Rohr. Dir: Pekka Lehtosaari. Scr: Allu Tuppurainen, Pekka Lehtosaari.
Contact: Matila Rohr Productions, (358) 95407820

(Fantasiafilmi) Budget: EURO28m. Backers: Suomen Naisten Huoltosaatio. A drama about young women longing for freedom, about their dreams and growth to a deeper responsibility in a time when Finland had to fight against the Soviet Union in the Second World War. Prod: Asko Apajalahti. Dir: Ilkka Vanne. DoP: Jani Kumpulainen. Cost des: Auli Turtiainen. Hair/make-up: Kati Koskela. Main cast: Laura Birn, Hanna Lekander, Karoliina Vanne. Shooting from Mar12 - 22, 2 weeks in June and again in Oct - Nov 2004 in Finland.
Contact: Nina Koljonen, Fantasiafilmi, (358) 9-540 7850


(Solar Films) Budget: Euros 2.1m Backers: Finnish Film Foundation, Channel Four Finland. Dist: Buena Vista International (Scan). Int'l sales: Birch Tree Entertainment. Drama about an ambitious married career woman whose one night stands draw her into a cycle of dependency she cannot get out of. Exec prod: Jukka Helle. Prod: Markus Selin. Dir: Minna Virtanen. Scr: Lara Moon, Minna Virtanen. DoP: Mark Stubbs. Set Design: Paivi Kettunen. Costumes: Tiina Kaukanen. Ed: Jussi Lehto. Sound: Kyosti Vantanen. Music: Leri Leskinen, DJ Slow. Main cast: Mi Gronlund, Jasper Paakkonen, Nicke Lignell, Amira Khalifa, Hanna Karjalainen. Shot from July 11 until Aug 15 in Helsinki.
Contact: Birch Tree Entertainment, (1) 310 383 2782

(Fennada Filmi) Budget: Euros 1.3m. Backers: Finnish Film Foundation. Dist: Buena Vista International Finland. The story of Mertsi, an idealist and a volunteer at war. His solid idealism on even minor tasks, such as clipping a dog's nails, turns into an obsession and finally lets him down. Prods: Kari Sara. Dir/scr: Markku Polonen based on the novel by Veikko Huovinen. DoP: Kari Sohlberg. Set designer: Minna Santakari. Costumes: Pentti Tillder. Ed: Jukka Nykanen. Sound: Heikki Innanen. Music: Vesa Makinen.Main cast: Peter Franzen, Ahti Kuoppala, Taisto Reimaluoto, Leo Lastumaki. Shot in Feb-Mar and July 2003 in the countryside of Finland.
Contact: Kari Sara, Fennada-Filmi, (358) 9 7744 780

(Perfecto Films) Budget: Euro 360,000. Backers: Finnish Film Foundation, YLE/TV1. Mystery-drama about the crew of party-going sailing ship who encounters a beautiful naked woman in the sea. Prods: Johannes Lassila. Dir: Joona Tena. Scr: Kauko Royhka, Joona Tena, Leo Viirret. Main cast: Matleena Kuusniemi, Tommi Korpela, Oskari Katajisto, Vuokko Hovatta, Aarno Sulkanen. Shot in the Gulf of Finland and islands near Helsinki in Sept 2002.
Contact: Johannes Lassila, Perfecto Films, (358) 400 889 155

(Stamina Films [Ger]) Co-prod: Marianna Films. Budget: Euro2.5m. Backers: Finnish Film Foundation. Int'l sales: Senso Films. From Germany to Murmansk, Honey Baby is a magical mystery tour which follows the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. Exec prod: Ulrich Meyszies. Prod/dir/scr: Mika Kaurismaki. Main cast: Vincent Gallo, Irina Bjorklund. Shot in Germany, Russia and Finland.
Contact: Senso Films, (358) 9 681 90

(MRP Matila Rohr Productions) Budget: Euro1.3m. Backers: Media II, TV3, Finnish Film Foundation. Int'l sales: Nordisk Film International Sales. Dist: Columbia Tristar Nordisk Film (Scan). A comedy about a Finnish man who falls in love, gets tangled into a circle of lies and finds out that he has suddenly changed his name, nationality and skin colour for the sake of love. Prods: Marko Rohr. Dir: Ilkka Vanne. Scr: Mika Ripatti, Seppo Vesiluoma. Main cast: Ville Haapasalo, Irina Bjorklund, Piero Steiner (Sp), Kari Vaananen, Vesa Vierikko. Shot in Helsinki and Seinajoki from May-June 2003.
Contact: Matila Rohr Productions, (358) 95407820

(Do Films) Co-prod: MMM Filmproduktion (Ger). Budget: Euro1,7m Backers: Finnish Film Foundation, YLE 1, Nordic Film & TV Fund, Eurimages, Hamburg Filmforderung. Dist: FS Film (FIN). drama about a 12-year-old girl with a mysterious boy as her friend - is he real or imagined. Prod: Anna Heiskanen, Ulrike Zimmermann. Dir/scr: Auli Mantila. DoP: Heikki Farm. Set Design: Kaisa Makinen. Costumes: Sari Suominen. Ed: Bettina Bohler. Sound: Risto Iissalo. Music: Tommi Viksten. Main cast: Aleksi Rantanen, Ninni Ahlroth, Hellen Willberg, Pertti Sveholm, Ylva Ekblad. Shooting from Sep2-Oct30 2003 in Southern Finland.
Contact: Do Films, Anna Heiskanen, (358) 41 463 8560

(Lumifilm) Co-prod: Migma Film (Swe). Budget: Euro2.2m. Backers: Eurimages, Finnish Film Foundation, Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE, Swedish Film Institute, Nordic Film & TV Fund, Foundation for Swedish Culture in Finland, Icelandic National Broadcasting Service Television RuV. Int'l sales: Nonstop Sales. Dist: Buena Vista (Fin, Swe). Live-action children's feature about the humorous adventures of a pelican and a ten-year-old boy in a world where the line between reality and make-believe is not always clear. Prod: Hanna Hemila. Co-prod: Anita Oxburgh. Dir: Liisa Helminen. Scr: Liisa Helminen, William Aldridge, based on a book by Leena Krohn. Main cast: Kari Ketonen, Roni Haarakangas, Inka Nuorgam, Liisa Kuoppamaki, Jonna Jarnefelt. Shot from June 9 until Aug 22 in Helsinki and surroundings.
Contact: Hanna Hemila, Lumifilm, (358) 400 512205


(Helsinki Filmi) Co-prod: Kinotaurus. Budget: Euro1m. Backers: Finnish Film Foundation, YLE, TV2. Dist: Nordisk Film. Drama comedy about a small factory in a smaller town where dramatic accidents turn out to be a way to a better life. Prods: Marko Rauhala, Aleksi Bardy. Dir: Janne Kuusi. Scr: Aleksi Bardy, Janne Kuusi in co-operation with Stella Polaris. Main cast: Kari-Pekka Toivonen, Outi Maenpaa, Tiina Pirhonen, Sari Havas, Sari Siikander (The Stella Polaris Theatre Group). Shot in Porvoo from Sept - Nov2003.
Contact: Aleksi Bardy, Helsinki Filmi, (358) 400 467497

(Blind Spot Pictures) Co-prods: Sonet film (Swe), Film-i-Vast (Swe). Budget: Euros 1.25m Backers: Finnish Film Foundation, YLE TV-1, Media development, Canal+, Film I Vast. Dist: FS-Film (Fin), Sonet Film (Swe). Int'l sales: Celluloid Dreams. A romantic comedy about Venla, a family therapist at a childlessness treatment clinic, who tries to get pregnant secretly from her husband, but ends up falling in love with Satu, her new friend and co-conspirator. Prods: Petri Jokiranta, Tero Kaukomaa. Dir: Aleksi Salmenpera. Scr: Pekko Pesonen. Main cast: Minna Haapkyla, Minttu Mustakallio, Kari-Pekka Toivonen. Shot in Helsinki until Aug 22 2003.
Contact: Celluloid Dreams, (33) 1 4970 0370

(Lindman Aake Film-Production) Budget: Euros 3.5m. Backers: Finnish Film Foundation. Drama based on war diaries about the experiences of the soldiers fighting in the front line 1942-1944. Prod: Alf Hemming. Dir: Aake Lindman. Scr: Stefan Forss, Benedict Zilliacus. Main cast: Tobias Zilliacus, Ilkka Heiskanen, Carl-Gustaf Wentzel. Shot from Mar-Aug 2003 in Finland.
Contact: Finnish Film Foundation, (358) 9 6220 300

(Solar Films) Budget: Euros 2.5m. Backers: Finnish Film Foundation, MTV3 Finland. Int'l sales: Birch Tree Entertainment. Dist: Buena Vista International (Scan). Action thriller about a private detective in midlife crisis on the trail of a criminal who has cheated millions from his former colleagues. Exec prod: Jukka Helle. Prods: Markus Selin. Dir: Aleksi Makela. Scr: Pekka Lehtosaari, based on Reijo Maki's novel Vares and the Yellow Widow. Main cast: Juha Veijonen, Minna Turunen, Samuli Edelmann, Kari Hietalahti. Shot in Southern Finland.
Contact: Markus Selin, Solar Films, (358) 9 417 44700


(Ax Films, Icelandic Film Corporation) Backers: RUV Iceland, SVT (Swe), TG4 Ireland, The Icelandic Cultural Broadcasting Fund, MEDIA, Nordic Film- & TV Fund, Icelandic Film Centre. Distributed by Media Luna Entertainment. Int'l sales: Media Luna (Ger). A modern day crime story set in Reykjavik about a busy lawyer who is suddenly appointed to defend a criminal with multiple former convictions, who's suspected of a brutal murder. The man's sister accuses the police of prejudice and bungling the investigation. The lawyer is attracted to this energetic young woman, but at the same time has doubts about her. Prod: Olafur Rognvaldsson, Fridrik Thor Fridriksson. Dir/scr: Anna Th. Rognvaldsdottir. Shooting in Reykjavik from Dec 2003 until Jan 2004.
Contact: Media Luna Entertainment, (49) 2 21 1 39 22 22


(Zik Zak Filmworks) Co-prods: Film and Music Entertainment (UK), Tradewind Pictures (Ger), Nimbus Films (Den). Budget: EURO2.5m. Backers: Icelandic Film Fund, Eurimages, Nordic Film- & TV Fund, Danish Film Institute, TV2 Denmark, Sveriges Television, Filmstiftung Nordrhein-Westfalen, Hamburg FF. Int'l sales: Bavaria Sales. Fairy tale-drama about a awkward duo on a journey that leads in an unexpected direction. Prods: Skuli Fr. Malmquist, Thor S. Sigurjonsson. Co-prods: Helmut Weber, Meta Foldager, Mike Downey, Sam Tylor, Bo Erhardt. Dir: Fridrik Thor Fridriksson. Scr: Huldar Breidfjord. DoP: Morten Soeborg. Prod Design: Arni Pall Johannsson. Main cast: Gary Lewis, Martin Compston, Gudrun Bjarnadottir, Peter Capaldi, Kerry Fox, Timmy Lang. Shot from July 21 until Sept 5 in Iceland and Germany.
Contact: Michael Weber, Bavaria Film International, (49) 8964 992389

(Blue Eyes Productions) Backers: Icelandic Film Centre. Bridget Jones-like comedy drama based on local best-selling novel about a 23-year-old woman trying to sort out her life. Prod: Baltasar Kormakur. Dir: Sija Hauksdottir. Scr: Silja Hauksdottir, Birna Anna Bjornsdottir and Oddny Sturludottir based on their own novel. Main cast: Alfrun Helga Ornolfsdottir, Ilmur Kristjansdottir, Gunnar Hansson, Árni Tryggvason, Thorunn Erna Clausen. Shot in Reykjavik, Iceland.
Contact: Blue Eyes Productions, (354) 511 7060



(BulBul Film) Co-prod: Stark Sales. Backers: Norwegian Film Fund. Int'l sales: Stark Sales. Drama based on Charles Bukowski's novel. Prods: Bent Hamer, Jim Stark. Dir: Bent Hamer. Scr: Jim Stark, Bent Hamer. Shoots in spring 2004.
Contact: Stark Sales, (1) 212 964 7521

(Friland) Budget: NOK14.8m. Backer: Norwegian Film Fund. Dist: Sandrew Metronome. Drama about a Swedish doctor working in a small Norwegian village, who gets caught up in a murder investigation. Prods: Christian Fredrik Martin, Asle Vatn Egil Oedegaard. Dir: Sara Johnsen. Scr: Stale Stein Berg, Sara Johnsen. DoP: Odd Reinhardt Nicolaisen.
Contact: Christian Fredrik Martin, Friland, (47) 2335 8204

(Dinamo Story). Budget: $2m. Backers: Norwegian Film Fund, Film I Vast (Swe). Dist: Egmont Columbia TriStar (Nor). A humorous and erotic thriller about a man paralysed after an accident, who has to fight for his relationship as well as put up with his psychotic father. Prods: Petter J. Borgli, Tomas Backstroem. Dir: Martin Asphaug. Scr: Eirik Ildahl.
Contact: Dinamo Story (47) 67 20 00 00


(Visions) Budget: NOK8m. Backers: Norwegian Film Fund. Dist/sales: ORO Film. Feature documentary about the famous and controversial violinist Ole Bull. Exec prod: Ole Bernt Froshaug. Prod: Cecilie Kollstrom. Dir: Aslak Aarhus. Scr: Pelone Wahl. Ed: Robert & John E Moerk. Music: Henning Kraggerud. Shooting in Norway from Dec 8 2003 until Apr 3, 2004.
Contact: Ole Bernt Froshaug, Visions, (47) 22 46 40 40


(DinaSun LLC) Co-prods: Dinamo Story, Sunflower Productions LLC. Budget: $5m. Backers: Norwegian Film Fund. Int'l sales: Content Films, Sony picture Classics. Dist: TF1 (Fr), Sony Picture Classics (US, UK), SF (Scan). drama about a young man who leaves his life in rural Vietnam in 2000 to search for his lost father in the USA. Prods: Petter Borgli, Tomas Backstrom, Ed Pressman, Terrence Malick. Dir: Hans Petter Moland. Scr: Sabina Murray, Larry Gross. Main cast: Damien Ngyuen, Bai Ling, Tim Roth, Temuera Morrison, Nick Nolte. Shot in Vietnam (Hanoi, Nha Trang) USA (Texas, New York).
Contact: Petter Borgli, Dinamo Story, (47) 67 20 00 00

(Freedom From Fear) Backers: Norwegian Film Fund. Dist: SF Norge (Nor). black drama-comedy about a group of over normal people spun out of control by the actions of one woman who has had enough. Prod: Malte Forrsell. Dir/scr: Mona J Hoel. Main cast: Benedikte Lindbeck, Fares Fares, Dennis Storhoi, Kjersti Holmen, Svein Scharffenberg, Eva Bergh. Shot from Sep 28 until Oct 3 in Norway.
Contact: Malte Forssell, Freedom From Fear, Malte Forssell 46708145528 or Mona J Hoel (47) 9228 5256

(Paradox Produksjon) Co-prod: Angel Production (Den). Budget: NKR22.1m. Backers: Norwegian Film Fund, TV2/Norway, TV2/Denmark. Dist: Scanbox (Scan). Psychological thriller based on a novel by Karin Fossum. Exec prods: Poul Erik Lindeborg, Mogens Glad. Prods: Finn Gjerdrum, Torleif Hauge, Ulrik Bolt Joergensen. Dir: Erich Hortnagl. Scr: Stefan Ahnhem, Thomas Seeberg Torjussen. Main cast: Lars Bom, Laila Guudi. Shot from June 30 until Aug 22.
Contact: Finn Gjerdrum, Paradox Film, (47) 22 80 95 20

(Maipo Film & TV-Produksjon) Budget: NKR15.6m. Backers: Norwegian Film Fund. Dist: Colombia TriStar Nordisk Film (Nor). Drama-comedy about the collision of very different people, who change each others lives, based on a novel by Lars Saabye Christensen. Prod: Dag Alveberg. Dir: Annette Sjursen. Scr: Lars Saabye Christensen, Annette Sjursen. DoP: Philip Oegaard. Set design: Billy Johansson. Main cast: Gard Eidsvold, Bjoern Sundquist, Hildegun Riise, Espen Skjoenberg, Joergen Langhelle. Shot from Sept 29 until Oct 31 in Oslo.
Contact: Ivar Koehn, Maipo Film & TV-Produksjon, (46) 67 52 51 94

FREE JIMMY (Slipp Jimmy Fri)
(AnimagicNet) Dist: Scann Entertainment Group (Nor). Feature animation about Jimmy the elephant, who escapes the circus which has housed him all his life and has turned him into a drug addict, only to face the dangers in the real world. Prods: Hakon Gundersen. Dir/scr: Christopher Nielsen. Prod des: Mikael Holmberg, Ivar Rodningen, Marianne Selsjord. Main cast: Anders T. Andersen, Egil Birkeland, Terje Rangnes, Jan Saelid.
Contact: Hakon Gundersen, AnimagicNet, (47) 2299 7610

(Paradox Produksjon) Co-prods: Filmhaus (Swe), Angel Production (Den). Budget: NKR15m. Backers: Norwegian Film Fund, Swedish Film Institute, NRK, Scanbox. Dist: Scanbox (Scan). A story about love, fate and angels. Exec prod: Thorleif Hauge. Prods: Finn Gjerdrum, Asle Vatn, Peter Holtaussen. Dir: Erik Poppe. Scr: Harald Rosenloew Eeg. Main cast: Trond Espen Seim. Shot from July 7 until Aug 22.
Contact: Finn Gjerdrum, Paradox Film, (47) 22 80 95 20

(Filmhuset Produksjoner) Co-prods: Illusion Film (Swe), Icelandic Film Corporation (Ice), Zentropa (Den). Budget: NOK16.9m. Backers: Norwegian Film Fund. Dist: Scan Entertainment Group (SEG). A romantic comedy where Norwegian Jan falls in love with Jasmin, who has been promised to her Pakistani cousin, but Jan is willing to convert to Islam and ready to try and change the family's view of mixed marriages. Exec prods: Peter Hiltunen, Mikael Olsen, Fridrik Thor Fridriksson. Prods: Egil Oedegaard. Dir/scr: Khalid Hussain.
Contact: Egil Oedegaard, Filmhuset, (47) 22 56 21 00

(Maipo Film & TV-Produksjon) Co-prod: FilmLance (Swe). Budget: NKR12.8m. Backers: Norwegian Film Fund, Swedish Film Institute, Nordic Film & TV Fund. Int'l sales: Nordisk Film International Sales. Distr: Columbia TriStar - Nordisk Film (Scan). Comedy-drama about 16 year-old Bea and her troubles with first love and sex. Prods: Synnoeve Hoersdal. Dir: Petter Naess. Scr: Johan Bogaeus. Main cast: Kaia Foss, Kamilla Groenli Hartvig, Maria Brinch, Ida Thurman-Moe.
Contact: Synnoeve Hoersdal, Maipo Film, (47) 67 52 51 90

(Muz Film). Budget: Euro1.5m. Backers: Norwegian Film Fund. Dist: Sandrew Metronome Norge. Love story set among surfers in Stavanger, where two old friends love the same woman. Prods: Ingrid Festoey Ottesen. Dir: Arild Oestin Ommundsen. Scr: Gro Elin Hjelle, Arild Oestin Ommundsen. Main cast: Vegar Hoel, Silje Salomonsen, Christian Skolmen, Kristoffer Joner. Shot from Oct7 - Nov21, 2003 in Stavanger and the beaches of Jaeren.
Contact: Ingrid Festoey Ottesen, Muz Film, (47) 91 83 08 90

(Painswick Film) Co-prod: Svensk Filmindustri (Swe). Budget: NKR17.4m. Backers: Norsk Filmfond. Dist: SF Norge (Nor). Int'l sales: Svensk Filmindustri. Romantic comedy about the 12 year-old Selma's first love. Exec prod: Anna Croneman. Prods: Catho Bach Christensen. Dir/scr: Torun Lian. DoP: John Christian Rosenlund. Ed: Stian Johnsen. Hair/make-up: Aase Lund. Music: Oyvind Staveland. Main cast: Julia Krhon, Bernhard Naglestad, Reidar Sorensen, Andrine Saeter, Ane Dahl Torp. Shot in Norway, Lista from 2 June 2003 until 26 July 2003.
Contact: Catho Bach Christensen, Painswick Film, (47) 22 43 45 24

(Motlys) Budget: NOK14m. Backers: Norwegian Film Fund, Nordic Film & TV Fund. Dist: Sandrew Metronome. A romantic musical melodrama about a pizza delivery boy with two major goals; to help his mentally handicapped friend become a chauffeur and wake the girl he fell in love with after he collided with her on skies - putting her into a coma. Prod: Sigve Endresen. Dir: Tore Rygh. Scr: Tore Rygh, Tore Renberg. Cast: Kristoffer Joner. Shot on location in Stavanger.
Contact: Sigve Endresen, Motlys, (47) 23 03 55 60

(Motlys) Backers: AV Fonden. Feature documentary and TV-series. In 2005 Norway celebrates its 100th anniversary as an independent nation, and the film tries to capture what ties the people together and their common history. Prods: Sigve Endresen. Dir: Sigve Endresen. Scr: Carsten Jensen, Bjorn Godoy, Rune D Langlo.
Contact: Sigve Endresen, Motlys, (47) 23 03 55 60

(Tordenfilm) Budget: NKR9.35m. Backers: Norwegian Film Fund, Sandrew Metronome, Nordic Film & TV Fund, Norsk Filmstudio. Dist: Sandrew Metronome (Scan). Coming of age drama about breaking old friendships to find love and faith in one self. Prod: Joergen Storm Rosenberg. Dir/scr: Aksel Hennie. DoP: Jon Andreas Andersen. Main cast: Aksel Hennie, Nicolai Cleve Broch, Bjoern Floberg, Liv Bernhoft Osa, Espen Juul Kristiansen. Shot from Oct 15 until Nov 26 in Oslo.
Contact: Joergen Storm Rosenberg, Tordenfilm, (47) 9015 3651



(Roy Andersson Produktion) Backers: Swedish Film Institute. drama. Prod/dir/scr: Roy Andersson. Shoots in Stockholm in 2004.
Contact: Roy Andersson Filmprod, (46) 8 662 57 00

(Memfis Film) Backers: Swedish Film Institute. Drama about seeking love and finding yourself as a 19-year old girl. Prod: Lars Jonsson, Rebecka Lafrenz. Dir/scr: Kristina Humle. Shoots in Stockholm from Mar 2004.
Contact: Memfis Film, Lars Jonsson, (46) 8 33 55 76

(Illusion Film). Co-prod: Film I Vast. Budget: Euros 2m. Backers: The Swedish Film Institute. Family musical about the magic world ruled and controlled by powerful female Amazons, where two 10 year old children are searching for their dead friend. Prods: Johan FaleDenmark, Peter Hiltunen. Dir: TBA. Scr: Jonna Bolin-Cullberg. Shooting in 2004 in Sweden.
Contact: Johan Falemark, Illusion Film, (46) 31 77 52 850

(Illusion Film) Co-prod: Film I Vast. Budget: Euros 2.5m. Backers: The Swedish Film Institute, MEDIA. Thriller. Prods: Johan FaleDenmark, Peter Hiltunen. Dir: Reza Parsa. Scr: Johan Bergman Lindfors, Reza Parsa. Shooting in 2004 in Sweden.
Contact: Johan Falemark, Illusion Film, (46) 31 77 52 850

(Illusion Film, Movietime) Budget: Euros 2.3m. Co-prod: Film I Vast, Angel Production (Den), Filmhuset Produksjoner (Nor). Backers: Swedish and Danish Film Institute, MEDIA. love story about that strange place between the life you are dreaming of and the way it turned out to be. Prod: Peter Hiltunen, Johan FaleDenmark, Birgitta Åkesson. Dir/scr: Lisa Ohlin. Shooting from Feb-Mar 2004 in Sweden.
Contact: Peter Hiltunen, Illusion Film, (46) 31 77 52 850

(Illusion Film) Co-prod: Svensk Filmindustri, Film I Vast. Budget: EURO2m. Backers: The Swedish Film Institute. Dist: Svensk Filmidustri. thriller based on the crime novels by Helene Tursten. Prods: Hillevi Raaberg, Johan FaleDenmark, Peter Hiltunen. Scr: Charlotte Lesche. Shooting in 2004 in Sweden and Denmark.
Contact: Johan Falemark, Illusion Film; (46) 31 77 52 850

(Svensk Filmindustri) Budget: Euro2m. Int'l sales: Svensk Filmindustri. Dist: Svensk Filmindustri. Drama-comedy. Exec prod: Kerstin Bonnier. Prod: Waldemar Bergendahl. Scr: Lars Lundstrom. Shoots from summer 2004.
Contact: Kerstin Bonnier, Svensk Filmindustri, (46) 8680 36 95


(S/S Fladen). Co-prods: Nordisk Film, SVT Drama. Budget: SKR16m. Backer: Swedish Film Institute. Dist: Columbia TriStar Films/Nordisk Film. Int'l sales: Nordisk Film International Sales. Youth comedy. Exec prod: HP Lundh. Prod: Patrick Ryborn. Dir/scr: Lena Koppel, Maarten Skogman. Main Cast: Peter Dalle, Sissela Kyhle. Shooting until late Nov in Stockholm and for another two weeks in India in Feb 2004.
Contact: Nordisk Film International Sales, (45) 33 26 69 95

(Happy End Productions) Co-prods: Svensk Filmindustri, Solar Films (Fin). Budget: Euros 3m. Backers: Swedish Film Institute, Finnish Film Foundation, Film Pool Nord, Nordic Film & TV Fund. Int'l sales: Svensk Filmindustri. Dist: Svensk Filmindustri (Scan). Drama comedy about two close friends growing up in the mid 1960s in the harsh and conservative environment of a Finnish-speaking part of Tornedalen in Swedish Laponia, close to the Finnish border - their big dream is to become rock stars. Exec prods: Kerstin Bonnier, Johan Mardell, Per-Erik Svensson. Prods: Joachim Stridsberg, Markus Selin. Dir: Reza Bagher. Scr: Reza Bagher, Eric Nordberg, based on Mikael Niemi's novel Popularmusik fran Vittula. Main cast: Bjorn Kjellman, Kati Outinen, Sten Ljunngren, Jarmo Makinen, Martti Suosalo. Shot from Aug 18 until Oct 20 in Pajala, Swedish Laponia, with additional shooting early 2004.
Contact: Ann-Kristin Westerberg, Svensk Filmindustri, (46) 8 680 36 44

(Sonet Film) Budget: SEK40m. Dist: Sonet Film (Swe). English-language action thriller about a writer who gets tangled up in a complicated murder case. Prod: Peter Possne. Dir: Jack Ersgaard. Scr: Jack Ersgaard, Jesper Ersgaard, Patrick Ersgaard. Cast: Matthew Settle, Fay Masterson, Patrick Ersgaard. Shoots in Sweden, LA and New York in Nov and Dec 2003.
Contact: Peter Possne, Sonet Film, (46) 8 555 248 00


(Nordisk Film). Co-prod: SVT Drama. Budget: SKR10m. Backers: Danish Film Institute, Swedish Film Institute. Dist: Columbia TriStar Films/Nordisk Film. Int'l sales: Nordisk Film International Sales. A look at the world as seen through the eyes of a 13-year-old girl in Stockholm. Exec prods: HP Lundh, Ake Sandgren. Prod: Lars G. Lindstroem. Dir: Daniel Espinosa. Scr: Clara Froberg. Main Cast: Nina Waha, Paulina Hawliczek, Micke Vranell, Kalled Mustunen, Gustaf Skarsgaard. Shot in 7 weeks in Sep/Oct in Stockholm.
Contact: Nordisk Film International Sales, (45) 33 26 69 95

(Giraff Film). Co-prod: SVT Drama. Backers: Filmpool Nord, Swedish Film Institute, Canal+. A film about people meeting at a crossroad in life. Prod/dir/scr/DoP: John O Olsson. Shot in Murmansk from May4-June19 and then for 2 weeks in Studio Kronan, Sweden.
Contact: Giraff Film, (46) 920 22 01 90

(Greta Film). Co-prods: Nordisk Film, TV4, Europa Post, Moviola. Budget: $2.5m. Backers: Swedish Film Institute. Dist: Columbia TriStar Films/Nordisk Film. Int'l sales: Nordisk Film International Sales. Psychological thriller. Exec prod: Kim Magnusson. Co-prod: HP Lundh. Prods: Hans Lonnerheden. Dir/scr: Mikael Haafstroem. DoP: Peter Mokrosinski. Ed: Darek Hodor. Prod des: Gert Wibe. Cost des: Cilla Rorby. Hair/make-up: Anna Melin. Music: Anders Ehlin. Main Cast: Rebecka Hemse, Jesper Salen, Kjell Bergqvist, Anders Ekborg, Rebecca Ferguson, Jenny Ulving. Shot in Stockholm from Oct 9 for 37 days.
Contact: Nordisk Film International Sales, (45) 33 26 69 95

(Gilda Film) Co-prods: FilmHaus Lagno, Paradox Spillefilm (Nor). Backers: Norwegian Film Fund, Swedish Film Institute. Dist: Scanbox. A 16 year-old girl suspects that her parents are planning to rob a bank, and her mother is having an affair with the man the girl has fallen for. Prods: Anne-Marie Sohrman Fermelin, Peter Holthausen. Dir/scr: Lena Hanno Clyne. DoP: Peter Palm. Main cast: Leyla Belle Drake, Simon Mezher, Malena Engstorm, Jacob Nordenson, Charlie Gustafsson. Shot from July 28 - Sept 5 around Mariefred and Stockholm.
Contact: Gilda Film, (46) 8 556 034 24

(Filmlance International) Co-prod: Thura Film (Den). Backers: Swedish Film Institute, Danish Film Institute. Dist: Sandrew Metronome. Youth film about 13-year-old Sofie, who gets in trouble when she gets too drunk at a party. Exec prod: Michael Obel. Prods: Lars Blomgren, Genya Kihlberg. Dir/scr: Teresa Fabik. Main cast: Amanda Renberg, Ellen Fjaestad, Linn Persson, Bjorn Kjellman. Shot from May19 until July4 2003 in Stockholm.
Contact: Filmlance International, (46) 70 229 2981

(GF Studios) Co-prod: A Film (Den). Backers: Swedish Film Institute, Danish Film Institute. Dist: Sonet Film (Swe). Contemporary drama about a famous conductor who returns to his home in Norrland after a nervous breakdown, where he gets involved with the town choir. Prod: Anders Birkeland, Goran Lindstrom, Henrik Moller-Sorensen. Dir/scr: Kay Pollak. DoP: Harald Paalgaard. Set design: Mona Theresia Forsén. Main cast: Michael Nyqvist. Shot in Luleaa from July7 - Aug28 and in Stockholm and abroad from Sept 1-26.
Contact: GF Studios, (46) 8 730 5630

(Svensk Filmindustri). Co-prods: SVT Drama, Film i Vast. Budget: SEK15.5m Backers: Nordic Film & TV Fund, Swedish Film Institute. Int'l sales: Svensk Filmindustri. Dist: Svensk Filmindustri. Family film based on Anders Jacobsson and Soren Olsson's popular Sune-books, mix computer animation and live-action. Exec prods: Kerstin Bonnier, Johan Mardell. Prod: Waldemar Bergendahl. Dir: Erik Leijonborg. Scr: Lars Lundstrom. Main cast: Per Svensson, Johan Rheborg, Tin-Tin Andersson. Shooting: from 18 Aug until 3 Oct 2003.
Contact: Ann Kristin Westerberg, Svensk Filmindustri, (46) 8 680 36 44

(Sandrew Metronome) Backers: Film i Vast, SVT, Nordic Film- & TV-Fund, Swedish Film Institute. Dist: Sandrew Metronome (Scan). Moa is 19 and trying to everything right in life, but she fails in most things and falls in love with the wrong boys. Prod: Lena Rehnberg, Bertil Sandgren. Dir: Tova Magnusson-Norling. Scr: Sara Kadefors. Main cast: Alexandra Dahlstrom, Sissela Kyle, Magnus Roosmann, Sverrir Gudnason, Sebastian Ylvenius. Shoots for 7 weeks from Sept 1 in Vanersborg, Sweden.
Contact: Sandrew Metronome, (46) 8 762 1700

(Memfis Film) Co-prods: Film I Vast, Zentropa Productions (Den). Backers: Swedish Film Institute, Danish Film Institute, Nordic Film & TV-Fund, SVT Drama. Int'l sales: Trust Film Sales. Dist: Sonet Film. drama about a father and a son and a girl and a friend. Exec prod: Peter Aalbaek Jensen. Prods: Lars Joensson. Dir/scr: Lukas Moodysson. Main cast: Thorsten Flinck, Bjorn Almroth, Sanna Brading, Goran Marjanovic. Shoots at the Trollhattan studio.
Contact: Trust Film Sales, (45) 36 86 87 88

(Mepo Film) Backers: Swedish Film Institute, Filmfond Gotland. Int'l sales: Svensk Filmindustri. Dist: Svensk Filmindustri. A love comedy involving a rare bird. Prods: Hans Iveberg. Dir: Alexander Moberg. Scr: Hans Iveberg. Main cast: Linus Wahlgren, Anna-Lena Strindlund, Vanna Rosenberg, Maans Nathanaelsson, Sofia Bach. Shot from April22 - June13 in Stockholm and Gotland.
Contact: Ann-Kristin Westerberg, Svensk Filmindustri, (46) 8 680 35 00

(Sweetwater). Co-prods: AKA Pictures (UK), Svensk Filmindustri. Backers: TV4, Swedish Film Institute. Dist: Svensk Filmindustri (Swe). Int'l sales: Svensk Filmindustri. Drama about a 16-year-old boy and his family set in Southern England in 1952. Prods: Colin Nutley, Maritha Norstedt, Judith Hackett. Dir/scr: Colin Nutley. DoP: Jens Fischer. Ed: Perry Schaffer. Prod design: Pernilla Olsson. Hair/make-up: Maria Strid. Music: Per Andreasson. Main Cast: Eileen Atkins, Helena Bergstrom, Lorcan Cranitch, Lindsay Duncan, Tim Dutton, Rolf Lassgaard. Shot in Devon and Dorset in England from Aug5 - Sep27 amd Nov17 - 29.
Contact: Sweetwater, (46) 8 662 1470

(2000 Bilder) Co-prod: Sonet Film. Backers: Swedish Film Institute, Filmpool Nord. Dist: Sonet Film. Drama about three young women on the verge on stepping into the world of adults. Exec prod: Peter Possne. Prod: Thomas Samuelsson. Dir: Anette Winblad. Scr: Emma Knowles, Sara Nasiell. DoP: Mischa Gavrjusjov. Set design: Madelene Lundberg. Costume design: Lena Lidman. Make-up: Malin Hedin. Main cast: Sanna Carlstedt, Erica Carlsson, Johanna Granstrom, Sverrir Gudnason, Niklas Engdahl. Shot from Sept 29 until Nov 14 2003 in Luleaa.
Contact: Peter Possne, Sonet Film, (46) 8 555 248 00

(S/S Fladen) Dist: Buena Vista International (Swe). Comedy-drama about a group of people stuck on a non-stop train from Stockholm to Berlin in 1945. Prod: Patrick Ryborn. Dir/scr: Peter Dalle. Main cast: Goesta Ekman, Robert Gustafsson, Gustaf Hammarsten, Lena Nyman, Magnus Roosman. Shot in Stockholm from May-June 2003.
Contact: S/S Fladen Film, (46) 854 506450.

(Sonet Film). Co-prods: Film I Vast, Cimbria Film. Budget: SEK17.5m. Backers: Swedish Film Institute. Dist: Sonet Film (Swe). Epic drama about a woman who leaves her children and her farm to ride to the coast and meet her Crusader husband, but is confronted with the plague on the way. Prod: Peter Possne. Dir/scr: Richard Hobert. Main Cast: Lena Endre, Mikael Persbrandt, Kjell Bergqvist, Maria Bonnevie, Natalie Minnevik. Shot from Apr 1 until May 28 in Oeland, Oesterlen and Bohuslaan in Sweden.
Contact: Peter Possne, Sonet Film, (46) 8 555 248 00