Optimum Releasing has acquired UK rights to four new films: Paul Haggis' In The Valley Of Elah, Susan Montford's While She Was Out, Jonathan Hensleigh's Welcome To The Jungle and Xavier Gens' Frontier(s).

Paul Haggis' Crash follow-up Elah, sold by Summit Entertainment, stars Charlize Theron, Tommy Lee Jones and Susan Sarandon in the story of an officer investigating the disappearance of his son, a soldier who went missing on his way home from Iraq. The film is still shooting, and Optimum was said to start on the deal before AFM.

While She Was Out, acquired from William Morris, stars Kim Basinger as a suburban housewife who has to battle thugs in a desolate forest.

Welcome To the Jungle, sold by Bauer-Martinez, is about a group of twentysomethings searching the New Guinea jungles for Michael Rockefeller who encounter a group of cannibals.

Frontier(s), sold by Europacorp, is about young criminals who move to a remote cottage.

Optimum Releasing has had recent success with Pan's Labyrinth and also has UK rights to Shane Meadows' This Is England, playing in Berlin's Generation 14plus and scheduled for an April 27 UK launch.