Fox International's sci-fi adventure Jumper will be the one to beat following its storming overseas launch last weekend. The film has reached $37.8m after approximately one week in release and will spring up in several territories this weekend including France on Feb 20.

Also for Fox, Oscar nominated comedy Juno has amassed $29.4m to date and still has debuts to come in Germany, Japan and Italy. Romantic comedy 27 Dresses stands at $24m.

Sweeney Todd is bearing down on $100m and currently stands at $70m through Warner Bros Pictures International. Launches in Germany on Feb 21 and Italy a day later should produce solid results and help the film towards the milestone.

Drama The Bucket List has grossed $26.7m and opens in Australia on Feb 21, Brazil on Feb 22 and Taiwan on Feb 23. The sci-fi tale I Am Legend has amassed $323.7m for WBPI.

Universal's Oscar nominated drama Atonement stands at $64.4m and launches in five territories through UPI including French-speaking Switzerland on Feb 20, South Korea on Feb 21 and China on Feb 22.

Charlie Wilson's War on just over $33m arrives in Spain on Feb 22. We Own The Night, which UPI has in limited territories, opens in Germany on Feb 21.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International's National Treasure 2 has grossed $203.5m and is projected to cross $230m. It should overtake the $214.7m domestic tally by the end of next week.

Oscar nominee There Will Be Blood opens in a clutch of territories this weekend, among them Argentina on Feb 21 and Mexico on Feb 22. The film has grossed $5.5m so far.

Enchanted has grossed more than $180m and should cross $200m with the help of sustained holdover business and the Japanese debut on Mar 14.

Another Academy Awards contender, No Country For Old Men, has amassed $31.9m to date and opens through PPI in nine including South Korea and Hong Kong on Feb 21, Italy on Feb 22 and Taiwan on Feb 23. Supernatural thriller The Eye opens in Mexico on Feb 22.

New Line International's The Golden Compass has amassed $256.3m.