Ghost Rider ruled the roost last weekend and Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI) will be looking to reap more rewards in the all-important second weekend.

The comic book adaptation stands at $16.6m and takes off in Germany and Switzerland today (Feb 22), followed by India a day later.

Fox International opens Notes On A Scandal in 15 territories as executives look to boost the $9.9m running total. The drama, nominated for two key acting Oscars on Sunday, arrives in Germany on Feb 22, Italy and Mexico on Feb 23, and Taiwan on Feb 24.

Borat, which has taken $120.9m so far, opens in Brazil on Feb 23 while Rocky Balboa is going strong on $63.5m and launches in Australia on Feb 22, as well as a smattering of territories in the Middle East.

The Last King Of Scotland opens in Spain on Feb 23 and has grossed $13.7m to date, while best picture Oscar nominee Little Miss Sunshine has opened in all its major territories and stands at $34.7m. Latest figures put Epic Movie on $15m and Night At The Museum on an excellent $256.3m.

Best picture Oscar nominee Letters From Iwo Jima, currently on $43.1m, opens in France on Feb 21, Australia and Germany on Feb 22, and the UK on Feb 23 through Warner Bros Pictures International (WBPI).

Elsewhere for Warner, Blood Diamond stands at $78.1m, best picture Oscar nominee The Departed has taken $146.7m including non-WBPI territories, Flags Of Our Fathers has amassed $30.9m, and Happy Feet stands at $170m including Roadshow territories.

Universal/UPI's The Good Shepherd arrives in the UK on Feb 23 on 350 prints and has amassed $2.5m from its young overseas run.

Meanwhile the spoof buddy movie Hot Fuzz has amassed $16m in the UK following its superb launch there last week and is expected to hold well. Local acquisition Midnight Sun opens in South Korea on Feb 22

Paramount/PPI's Dreamgirls gets 16 new releases this weekend, among them South Korea, the Netherlands and Israel on Feb 22, and French-speaking Switzerland on Feb 21.

Norbit launches in three markets including Australia on Feb 22 and Mexico on Feb 23, while Barnyard opens in France on Feb 21 and Italy two days later.

School For Scoundrels launches in the UK on Feb 23 and best picture Oscar nominee Babel opens in South Africa on Feb 23.