Oscar-winning director of Kolya,and Dark Blue World and Czech Republic box office record holder, Jan Sverak has announced his return to directing after an absence of nearly two years.

Dispelling rumours that his next project would be a horror film, Sverak said his latest project would be Returnable Bottles, a comedy about a Czech family that largely takes place in a supermarket.

The first of Sverák's major films to be set in the present day, Returnable Bottles centres on the relationship between a disgruntled father and the worker who runs the bottle-returning window.

"Supermarkets are actually a micro-world, a diminished portrait of our real world, an intellectually empty consumer world of colourful packaging that we throw away," Sverák told Czech daily Mlada Fronta Dnes

The film reunites Sverák with his father, actor Zdenek Sverák -- who played the lead character in Kolya, the winner of the 1997 Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film - as well as Eric Abraham, his British co-producer.

Kolya was a landmark Czech film as it brought Czech viewers back to the cinemas in large numbers following a lull during the first years of the Velvet Revolution. Six year on it still holds the Czech box office crown.