Nichols is the owner of wealth management group Chancery, which has raised over $800m for UK films in the last ten years.

Peter Nichols, owner of wealth management businesses group Chancery, has joined UK based film financier Prescience at its new chairman.

The two companies, Chancery and Prescience, have a long standing relationship, with Nichols and Prescience’s managing director Tim Smith both holding posts as directors of the Aegis Film Fund, which financed The King’s Speech.

Nichols, who will acquire a strategic shareholding in the Prescience group of companies along with the appointment, said he was “delighted to have formalised my working relationship with Prescience in this way.”

Prescience recently announced a joint venture with long time collaborators Ealing Studios to merge their respective sales operations Metropolis and Ealing Studios International into Ealing Metro.