Paramount's Cloverfield roared the loudest at the weekend and gobbled up an estimated $18.6m through PPI from 3,174 venues in 33 territories for a $36m running total.

The film opened in 15 territories and was led by a strong number one UK launch on $6.7m from 386 sites. Elsewhere the rampage generated $2.4m from 257 in Italy, $2m from 371 in Spain, $1.4m from 341 in Germany and number one in Mexico on $1.6m from 350. Austria produced $192,000 from 50 sites.

No Country for Old Men raised its tally by $4.2m from 936 sites in 10 territories to $17.2m. Brazil delivered the strongest result of the four launches, taking $230,000 from 41. New Zealand produced $90,000 from 27.

However the bulk of weekend business came from the UK and France, where strong holds grossed $1.4m from 260 screens for $7.7m and $1.4m from 359 sites for $4.3m, respectively.

The Kite Runner's overseas tally has now passed the $14.4m domestic score as $1.9m from 476 locations in 11 territories elevated the international running total to $16.1m.

Bee Movie grossed $1.8m from 1,703 screens in 62 territories and stands at $155.1m.

Last weekend's champion Sweeney Todd remained in fine fettle, adding $9.5m from more than 1,700 screens in 18 markets through Warner Bros Pictures International (WBPI) for $46.5m.

The blood-soaked opera ranked second in the UK in the second weekend as $3.4m from 436 sites raised the tally to $15.6m.

In other second weekend outings, Todd reaped $2m from 369 in France for third place on $6.6m and $795,000 from 127 in Australia for third on $2.8m. A $1.4m haul from 311 prints in the third weekend in Japan put Todd in third place on $13.1m. The full effect of the heaviest snowfall in Tokyo and outlying areas will become known this week.

I Am Legend lived up to its name and crossed $300m this weekend following a superb run. Weekend business pulled in $7.8m from 4,100 prints in 55 markets for $303,6m.

Highlights were a number one hold in the second weekend in Turkey that produced $483,000 from 111 prints for $1.7m. The futuristic tale of a solitary man's struggle for survival in post-pandemic New York has grossed $50.2m in the UK, $38.1m in Japan, $27.4m in France, $22.5m in Germany and $20.2m in Italy.

The Bucket List grossed $5.8m from more than 1,500 screens in 15 markets and stands at $12.4m. The tearjerker launched in Spain on $1.3m from 270 screens and in its second weekend added $1.5m from 366 prints in Germany for $3.8m and $695,000 from 250 in Mexico for $2.1m.

Universal's American Gangster pulled in another $8m from 2,528 sites in 46 territories for $114.9m. The crime drama was spurred on by a $2.3m number one debut in Japan in 287 venues and a $900,000 number four release in Mexico on $900,000 from 339. After two weekends Brazil stands at $1.6m. The final market to open is Peru on Feb 28.

Charlie Wilson's War grossed $2.7m from 1,000 venues in 20 territories for a promising $19.6m early tally. Australia delivered an excellent second weekend hold as $565,000 from 124 locations raised the total to $1.8m.

Atonement added $2.6m from 1,100 venues in 35 territories for $60m, which raised the global total to $102.1m.

Die Rote Zora took $950,000 from 392 sites in Germany, Austria and Switzerland to stand at $2.3m. The family adventure ranked eighth in Germany thanks to an $800,000 haul from 293 sites that raised the 11-day tally to $1.9m.

Elizabeth: The Golden Age
stands at $48.8m and there are nine territories to go including Brazil on Feb 15 and Japan on Feb 16.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International's (WDSMPI) National Treasure: Book Of Secrets added $6.7m to bring the overseas tally to just under $170m. The adventure is expected to cross the 2004's original's $173m lifetime total by the end of next week and should finish on more than $200m with the UK, France and China still to open.

It stayed top in the second weekend in German-speaking Europe, reaping $3.2m from more than 600 sites in Germany for $9.6m, $470,000 for $1.3m in Switzerland and $410,000 from 110 locations in Austria for $1.2m. The second weekend in Brazil generated $625,000 for $2.4m.

Enchanted added $2.8m for $172.1m and is expected to combine with the North American tally for a $300m global running total by the end of the week. It opens in Taiwan and Hong Kong next week in time for Chinese New Year.

Hannah Montana opened day-and-date with North America on South Africa's three 3-D screens, generating an excellent $30,000. The film will launch in the UK on Mar 14 and elsewhere around the world where there are 3-D screens.

Family title Alvin And The Chipmunks added $5.1m from 3,200 screens in 35 markets through Fox International for $113.3m. The film opened in parts of Scandinavia where the highlight was a $361,000 number one launch in Denmark on 64 screens.

27 Dresses grossed $1.7m from approximately 425 screens in eight markets for $13.6m. Australia generated $930,000 from 232 screens in the fourth weekend for second place on $11.7m.

Juno climbed to number one in Australia in its third weekend as $1.1m from 183 raised the tally to $6.1m, It launched in Spain on $961,000 from 141 and opened top in New Zealand on $260,000 from 50. Overall the comedy added $2.5m from 442 screens in seven markets for $8m.

AVPR took $2.4m from 2,500 screens in 48 markets for $83.7m, Hitman grossed $50m for Fox and has amassed $57m including France and The Darjeeling Limited stands at $11.7m. Meet The Spartans earned $728,000 from 140 screens in seven markets for $1.3m.

Summit International's romantic comedy P.S. I Love You took $5m from 1,552 sites in 17 markets for $49m and has crossed $100m worldwide.

Sony Pictures Releasing International scored two number one debuts for Stephen Chow's comedy sci-fi CJ7 as the film took $4.8m from 241 screens in three markets. It opened top in Taiwan on $2.7m from 154 and top in Hong Kong on $2.1m from 85. Two screens in Australia generated $40,000.

The Water Horse: Legend of The Deep added $2m from 1,030 screens in 10 markets for $10.6m and opened in third place in Brazil on $555,000 from 178 screens.

The number one film in France over the weekend was Asterix At The Olympic Games. Full results were not available at time of writing, however the film took $2.7m from 1,078 prints on its opening day.