The Pursuit Of Happyness is well on its way toward $100m following last weekend's dominant performance, and Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI) executives will hope to sustain momentum with launches in 22 new markets this weekend.

The Will Smith drama had amassed $71.1m as of Feb 5 and, while the slew of new territories are mostly small, they should be enough combined with holdovers to give the film a good chance of retaining its overseas crown.

The Pursuit Of Happyness will face stiff competition, however, from several titles, among them Fox International's Rocky Balboa. The gutsy drama has grossed more than $46.7m to date and goes out in five territories including Germany on Feb 8 and Brazil on Feb 9.

Universal/UPI's romantic comedy The Holiday could also figure prominently this weekend, with releases scheduled in six territories including Italy on Feb 9 and Taiwan on Feb 10. The film has already stands at $116.3m.

Paramount/PPI's family saga Charlotte's Web unfolds in seven territories including France on Feb 7, South Korea on Feb 8, and the UK on Feb 9. It stands at $25.6m.

Fox International gives The Last King Of Scotland a big push on the back of Forest Whitaker's lead actor Oscar nomination, opening the drama in 13 territories.

Dutch audiences will get their chance to lay eyes on Whitaker's impression of the murderous former Ugandan dictator Idi Amin on Feb 8, as will Mexican film-goers on Feb 9. The film has grossed $8.3m to date.

It's a busy, if fractured, weekend for Fox International comedies: Borat, currently on $119.5m, opens in Argentina on Feb 8; Epic Movie opens in four territories including the UK on Feb 9 and stands at $8m; My Super Ex-Girlfriend launches in Japan on Feb 10; and John Tucker Must Die opens in Spain on Feb 9.

Latest figures put family title Night At The Museum on $213.7m, fantasy adventure Eragon on $166.7m, comedy Little Miss Sunshine on $33.5m, potboiler Notes On A Scandal on $2.2m, and action adventure Apocalypto on $8m.

Warner Bros Pictures International (WBPI) opens Blood Diamond starring Oscar nominee Leonardo DiCaprio in Spain on Feb 9, and executives will be looking to boost the drama's $46m standing.

Crime drama The Departed has grossed $142.5m including non-WBPI territories, war drama Flags Of Our Fathers has amassed $29.1m, animated feature Happy Feet has reached $166.5m including Roadshow territories, and the war drama Letters From Iwo Jima stands at $40.3m.

Period mystery The Prestige has grossed $50m and has ended its international run.

Paramount/PPI's musical Dreamgirls launches in six countries including Switzerland on Feb 8 and has taken $8.9m from the early stages of release. From the Paramount Vantage stable, the ensemble drama Babel stands at $29.1m and eco-documentary An Inconvenient Truth has amassed $19.5m.

Universal/UPI's crime caper Smokin' Aces goes out in Australia Feb 8 and has taken $9.2m. Action adventure DOA: Dead Or Alive opens in Japan on Feb 10, comedy Accepted opens in Spain on Feb 9, and the sci-fi thriller Children Of Men has taken $28.9m.

SPRI opens Stranger Than Fiction in Germany on Feb 8 on 100 screens; the light-hearted drama has already grossed $7m. Casino Royale has opened in all its markets and the James Bond smash has grossed a phenomenal $415.7m outside of the US.